Nicki Swift Reveals Who Fans Think Is The Best Celebrity Dancer - Exclusive Survey

Some stars shine by acting or singing alone, but entertainment consumers love a multi-hyphenate who brings something extra to the table by being able to bust a move.

Millions of television viewers get a kick out of watching celebrities kick up their heels so much that they've been tuning into "Dancing with the Stars" since 2005. Fans root for entertainers who aren't known for their dancing ability to advance on the show, and they've been pleasantly surprised by the likes of conservationist Bindi Irwin, who took home the mirrorball trophy in 2015. We also can't seem to get enough of the classic combination of dance and romance in movies like "Dirty Dancing" and "Step Up." And when "Magic Mike" star Channing Tatum took off his top to give the dance movie a spicy makeover, the results were so popular that he scored two sequels.

Dance is so powerful that Britney Spears couldn't give it up, even after she decided to take a lengthy hiatus from recording music and performing — she just traded the stage for her living room and started using social media to showcase her moves instead of MTV and VH1. And even though Jennifer Lopez has acted, sung, and appeared as a judge on reality TV, she told Entertainment Weekly, "I love dance, it's my first love." But while Nicki Swift readers love watching the "Hustlers" star dance, they think somebody does it better.

The Rhythm Nation can't get enough Janet Jackson

In an exclusive survey, we asked 595 Nicki Swift readers which celebrity is the best dancer. As for their answer? "All For You" hitmaker Janet Jackson came out on top, waltzing away with nearly 27% of the vote. Former Fly Girl Jennifer Lopez wasn't far behind at 24%, and next up on the "Countdown" we have Beyoncé, who trailed her trailblazing elders with 15% of the vote. The final three celebs whose ability to groove has produced some memorable moves are Channing Tatum (13%), Ciara (11%), and Britney Spears (9%).

Janet has influenced many of the entertainers whom she topped in the poll. "I was a little girl and I was trying to do every move she does," Lopez said on "Behind the Music" (via CNN). Before Lopez made it big as a pop star herself, she was a backup dancer in Janet's "That's The Way Love Goes" video. Beyoncé is also a huge fan. "I watched all of her videos because I always loved how she would take theater and mix it with the streets and some of that choreography, and kind of mix it with her own little flavor," she said in a 2003 BET interview.

Janet had to endure a Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction scandal that cast a shadow over her career achievements for many years, but it's clear that her star couldn't be completely dimmed — she even got her own "Dancing with the Stars" night in 2021.