Kevin Federline Shares His Controversial Stance On Britney Spears' Father

On November 12, 2021 the #FreeBritney movement celebrated as pop star Britney Spears' conservatorship ended. The "Toxic" singer was in the conservatorship since 2008 after she shaved her head and hit a paparazzi car. Her father, Jamie Spears, then controlled her life as he became concerned of the singer's mental health. According to Rolling Stone, the singer called the experience "cruel" and "abusive." Although the "Mickey Mouse Club" alum has been enjoying life, as she was seen going to the bar for the first time, she is still in a legal battle.

Both Britney and her attorney Mathew Rosengart believe that abuse and financial mismanagement happened during the conservatorship period, per The Hollywood Reporter. This opened up an investigation on Jamie, and the two are determined to hold him accountable for his wrongdoings.

In June 2021, Britney revealed in court she had no choice when it came to life decisions during her conservatorship — from family planning to career commitments, per The New York Times. She also claimed in a documentary that audio bugs were secretly planted in her room. She made it clear that her father, who oversaw everything, should be investigated and put in jail for the abuse and the invasion of privacy. But it seems that important people in Britney's life are taking Jamie's side in the battle.

Kevin Federline says Jamie 'saved' Britney

Singer and former dancer Kevin Federline opened up to "60 Minutes Australia" on September 4 about his ex-wife, Britney Spears', conservatorship. "All I know is that you have a family that is worried about their daughter, and trying to do whatever they can to help her," he told the news show. He said that he believed in his sons — whom he shares with Spears — having a relationship with the whole family, and mentioned that he did feel like Spears' father "100 percent ... saved her back then."

After the interview released, fans of the "Gimme More" singer clapped back at Federline's comments. One fan mentioned that the pop star's ex-husband "was just an idiot looking for a payday," while another called him a "trash human being." One Twitter user even lamented, "I can't believe Kevin Federline is being paid millions by all these media companies to push falsehoods in interviews about a woman who he hasn't been married to for over 15 years."

Britney is also defending herself against the comments made by her former family, particularly her son Jayden. "You were just like my other family," she reportedly told her son (via the Mirror). "You secretly loved looking at me like something was wrong with me." She questioned the reason behind her son not taking her side, adding that Jamie should be in jail for what he put her through.