Lea Michele's Career Is Hotter Than Ever Despite Social Media Disapproval

Lea Michele continues to be the target of Internet trolling, but that hasn't stopped her dreams from coming true. The controversial actor returned to the headlines after it was announced she would take over the leading role in Broadway's "Funny Girl." Following the news, Michele took to her Instagram to share that the new opportunity was more than "a dream come true," and many of her haters were less than pleased.

The former "Glee" star has previously faced backlash for her on-set behavior, with allegations of racism emerging in 2020. As CBS News recapped, "Glee" co-stars called out Michele's hypocrisy after she made a statement in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. In anticipation of her "Funny Girl" debut, Michele spoke to the New York Times about the controversy. "I leave no room for mistakes. That perfectionism ... left me with a lot of blind spots," she said. "I really understand the importance and value now of being a leader." 

The statement was not enough to turn the tides of public opinion. Bizarre rumors about Michele — including allegations that she can't read — continue to circulate. However, Michele's career and joy seem entirely unaffected.

Lea Michele shined during Funny Girl's opening week

Lea Michele is officially Fanny Brice, and crowds seem to be loving it. According to Deadline, attendance at Beanie Feldstein's final shows dropped by 10%, while ticket prices for Michele's debut shot up. The Wrap reported seeing prices as high as $2,500 on resale sites like SeatGeek. It's no wonder that, when Michele finally graced the stage, the Internet was abuzz.

According to the New York Post, some of the crowd seemed to be trolls ... or at least tapped into the drama. When Michele's character said, "I haven't read many books," the crowd broke out in laughter due to the illiteracy rumors. Still, Michele seems to be living her best life, with the Daily Mail capturing sweet photos of her opening week celebration. The actor reunited with Ryan Murphy, the co-creator of "Glee," and her longtime friend Jonathan Groff.

One audience member shared a video of Michele on-stage with the caption, "Tonight... 7 standing ovations later... #LeaMichele IS #FannyBrice." For fans of Michele (or those who love the conspiracy theories surrounding her), the debut marked a historic moment. "Not now sweetie mommy's reading every tweet about Lea Michele's Funny Girl debut," one Twitter user wrote. Glad it's not just us!