Alyssa Choiniere

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Indiana University Of Pennsylvania
Celebrity Crime, Love Is Blind, Documentaries
  • Alyssa has won awards in national and statewide contests for her profile writing, features, and enterprise articles.
  • She has been a huge Love Is Blind fan since Episode 1 and stayed in front of her screen for three hours waiting for the Live Reunion episode.
  • She never misses a new documentary drop on Netflix and is obsessed with true crime after working as a crime reporter for five years.


Alyssa started her career in newspapers and shifted toward freelance in 2020 where she expanded her career to include magazines and trade journals, and launched her own business. When she is taking a break from celebrity news and scouring Instagram to see if Love Is Blind's Kwame and Chelsea are really still together, she is probably writing about the climate, the cannabis industry, or the newspaper industry for her regular clients. Before joining Nicki Swift as an editor, she wrote for


Alyssa received her bachelor's degree in journalism from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and was recently accepted into the Columbia School of Journalism Master of Arts program.
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