Gabran Gray

Photo of Gabran Gray
Omaha, Nebraska, US
University Of Iowa
Marvel Comics, Fallout, Science Fiction
  • Gabran is a poet and fiction author who recently finished a novel about classic film obsessives, sleepwalking, and magic.
  • He’s previously worked as a producer on a feature-length independent film.
  • He watches every Spider-Man movie on a yearly basis.


Before he knew how to read, Gabran Gray began writing stories by dictating them into a handheld tape recorder. While in college, he studied creative writing, fell down the comics lore rabbit hole while working at Daydreams in Iowa City, and developed an interest in all things filmmaking. Since 2021, he’s been writing about movies, TV, and video games for sites like GameRant, FilmDaily, Looper, and SVG. When he’s not writing, he’s usually in front of another screen, often with a controller in his hands.


Gabran graduated with honors from the University of Iowa. His major was in English and creative writing, and he had minors in rhetoric, theater, and gender studies.
Stories By Gabran Gray