Kristin McCarthy

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Michigan, United States
Michigan State University, Walden University
Reality TV, Royals, Pop Culture
  • Kristin is a published author who released her first book, "A Writer's Badass Guide to Branding, Blogging, and Social Media," in 2017.
  • She was a full-time staff writer at LoveToKnow, where she was one of the primary contributors to the family and baby channels, as well as a contributor to multiple lifestyle channels.
  • Kristin also worked at several Valnet sites, including The Things, Screen Rant, The Travel, and BabyGaga.


Kristin has been covering pop culture and entertainment news for the last five years. In addition to her work on various Valnet sites and specializing in LoveToKnow's family and lifestyle brands, Kristin also contributed articles to Parent Co, Red Tricycle, Blunt Mom and Sammiches, and Psych Meds during her start-up blogging days. Her published book, "A Writer's Badass Guide to Branding, Blogging, and Social Media," is available for purchase on Amazon. Covering reality television is a dream for Kristin, as she has watched just about every single episode of "The Real Housewives" franchise while peddling away on her Peloton bike.


Kristin earned both an undergraduate degree and a master's degree in education at Michigan State University, deeming her highly qualified in multiple areas of the field. She has continued to stay current in her craft, earning post-master's degree credits at Walden University. Education and inspiring a new generation of minds are as much a passion of Kristin's as writing about pop culture.
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