Krystle Vermes

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Suffolk University
Physical And Mental Health And Wellness, Astrology, Tarot Readings
  • Krystle has years of experience reporting on both physical and mental wellness as they pertain to overall health. She has written about her own personal mental health journey as a trauma survivor for wellness publications, including HealthyPlace.
  • In her spare time, Krystle practices tarot and studies astrology. She has been reading tarot for more than 15 years.
  • She previously hosted a podcast for eight years on the topic of paranormal reality television.


Krystle is a published journalist and editor who has tackled topics ranging from health and wellness to culture and lifestyle. Her personal interests include keeping up with the latest in fashion, skincare, and cosmetics. When Krystle has downtime, she enjoys expanding her knowledge all things New Age. Krystle also has a personal interest in all things related to fashion, cosmetics, and pop culture, having previously led the reality TV section of Screen Rant as a team news editor.


Krystle has a Bachelor's degree in Print Journalism with a focus in Communications.
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