Lindsey B.

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Nashville, Tennessee
Belmont University
Herbs And Tea, American Travel, Mediterranean Cuisine
  • Lindsey has traveled to nearly all states in continental America, giving her an opportunity to try a smorgasbord of American cuisine.
  • Whenever Lindsey visits a new city, food is her favorite part of the experience. She's traveled extensively in America, sampling some of the nation's best restaurants from New Orleans to San Francisco.
  • In addition to her freelance writing career, Lindsey has received accolades for her screenplays in several competitions including International Screenwriters' Association Genre Competition, BlueCat Screenplay Competition, and Scriptation Showcase.


After studying writing at Belmont University, Lindsey went on to write for a local magazine that highlighted business owners, musicians, and restaurateurs. She's also worked in the food and service industry, which expanded her knowledge of a variety of cuisines, wines, and cocktails. She's been writing for Static Media since 2021. She has most recently been writing about pop culture and entertainment for Nicki Swift, and joined Tasting Table in 2023.


Lindsey has a Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in writing and a minor in literature.
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