Scrubs: What Happened To The Cast After It Was Axed?

Premiering in 2001,"Scrubs" was a situational comedy about the staff of the fictional Sacred Heart Hospital. The series was created by Bill Lawrence, who is also behind sitcoms like "Spin City" and the Apple TV+ series "Ted Lasso." At a time when drama-fueled medical shows like "ER," "House," and "Grey's Anatomy" were booming, "Scrubs" offered a more lighthearted view of the medical profession.

Despite the inherent silliness of the series, "Scrubs" rewarded fans with many heartfelt and true-to-life moments. As Braff said in an interview with "Today," "Of all the medical shows, this is what universally doctors and nurses say was the most accurate." The fact that Lawrence based the character on a real-life doctor who he had been roommates with in college helped with the accuracy. And you don't have to take the people who made the show's word for it: Dr. Jonathan Samuels of NYU Hospital's Joint Preservation and Arthritis Center once explained to Slate that the internal monologue of the main character, J.D. (played by Zach Braff), was relatable, "He says exactly what a resident feels, day in or day out. ... I always thought 'Scrubs' was right on." 

The series was canceled in 2010, leaving many fans longing for more of their favorite doctors, interns, and nurses. Now that it looks like there could be a reboot on the horizon, let's check out what the cast of the series has been up to since the show ended.

Donald Faison has a popular podcast with his Scrubs BFF

Before Donald Faison became Dr. Christopher Turk on "Scrubs," he was best known for playing Murray in the '90s classic "Clueless." Turk and Zach Braff's J.D. were BFFs on the beloved sitcom, delivering fans one of the most bromantic bromances in sitcom history. Turns out it wasn't all acting. They really are best friends in real life and have been for decades. "I think we showed dudes that it's OK to be a little bit sensitive. It's okay to be buds who say I love you," Faison said in GQ. Faison's friendship with Braff has led to a hit podcast called "Fake Doctors, Real Friends" where they re-watch old episodes of "Scrubs" and reminisce.

Since "Scrubs" ended, Faison has continued acting in TV shows, including "The Exes" and "Emergence," and he's set to star in a NBC comedy in 2023. In addition to work, Faison has also been busy with family life. He married Cacee Cobb in 2012 and the couple now share two children. Faison has four other children from previous relationships, making him a father of six with ages ranging from toddler to teenager. Suffice to say, Faison has had his hands full juggling work and fatherhood, though he maintains he's a relaxed, fun parent. As he told People in 2019, "I'm Disney Dad. I'm the one that you can count on for the laughs and the fun times."

Zach Braff's stayed busy in front of and behind the camera

Landing the role of John "J.D." Dorian on "Scrubs" was Zach Braff's big break. Three years later, he made a serious splash on the silver screen with "Garden State," a film he wrote, directed, and starred in. The influential indie hit catapulted him from a sitcom star to a millennial heartthrob and music tastemaker. But despite the success of "Garden State," his career as a director and dramatic actor never quite took off. "I know I haven't been able to make a movie in 10 years, but I've tried. They just all fell apart," he told The Washington Post in 2014, adding that he isn't interested in settling on any old movie.

After "Scrubs" ended, he made the feature film "Wish I Was Here," though not without the help of a controversial kickstarter campaign. He's gone on to appear in a number of movies, including 2022's "Cheaper by the Dozen" and was nominated for an Emmy for directing an episode of "Ted Lasso." His film "A Good Person," which he wrote and directed, is set to be released in 2023. "I'm just so proud of it. It's definitely the best thing I've ever made or been a part of," he told Hollywood Reporter. The film stars Morgan Freeman and Florence Pugh, the latter of whom Braff dated for a few years. And, of course, he's got his "Scrubs" podcast with longtime buddy (and T-Mobile ad co-star) Donald Faison, "Fake Doctors, Real Friends."

Sarah Chalke has found streaming success

Much like Donald Faison, Sarah Chalke wasn't new to the spotlight when she signed on to play the character of Elliot Reid on "Scrubs." She had previously been on the '90s sitcom "Roseanne" as the second Becky when the role was recast. After starring in "Scrubs" for nine years, she made guest appearances on a number of TV shows, including "Cougar Town," "Grey's Anatomy," and "How I Met Your Mother." She's also voiced the character of Beth on "Rick and Morty" since 2013. In 2018, she appeared on the "Roseanne" reboot/spin-off, "The Connors."

Chalke was in a relationship with Jamie Afifi from 2006 to 2022 and the former couple have two children. Since becoming a mom, she's dialed back work a tad. As she told Parents, "Once you have kids, you really want to focus your attention and do the projects that are really important to you." One of those projects that clearly meant a lot to her was the 2021 Netflix series "Firefly Lane," a series that follows two friends through decades of their lives. The show was a hit, debuting at number one, per Hollywood Reporter. Part two of the second season is set to be released in June 2023.

Judy Reyes has proven her versatility as an actor

Judy Reyes portrayed Nurse Carla Espinosa on "Scrubs." The series was her first major role and after departing in 2009, Reyes continued building her acting career. In addition to making guest appearances on major shows, she starred in "Devious Maids," a Lifetime series by "Desperate Housewives" creator Marc Cherry, until 2016. But she found it increasingly difficult to not be typecast. "As a working Latina actor, I want the challenge and freedom to play different roles. Achieving success playing the sassy nurse on 'Scrubs' was the most amazing thing in terms of generating the career that I have. ... But I still want to be able to play something else," she explained in an interview with Shondaland.

That "something else" came with her next biggest and most recent TV gig, "Claws." The series, which followed four nail salon owners entangled in organized crime, ran on TNT from 2017 to 2022. She also broke out of comedy and starred in the 2022 horror film "Smile," which became a box office success. So what's next for Reyes? She's reportedly starring in an upcoming series called "The Horror of Dolores Roach" alongside Marc Maron, Jean Yoon, and Jeffery Self, per Deadline.

Aside from her professional life, Reyes is also busy raising her daughter. She and partner George Valencia welcomed their child in 2009.

John C. McGinley took an admirable break from acting

If you're a "Scrubs" fan, you know John C. McGinley as Dr. Perry Cox, the sarcastic doctor-turned-chief of medicine at Sacred Heart Hospital. After "Scrubs," McGinley made guest appearances on several TV shows and even landed another main role in a short-lived sitcom called "Ground Floor."

John, however, focuses most of his time on raising his children. He has two children with his current wife, Nichole McGinley, and one child from a previous marriage. "I'm not [working] now. It's a little seductive. When I balance what it's going to be like not to be around, because you're working not fatalistically, it's going to take a lot," he told Page Six in 2022. His eldest child, Max McGinley, has Down syndrome, and John has also done a lot of work with the Special Olympics and the Global Down Syndrome Foundation, serving on the board of the organization.

Christa Miller is still working closely with her husband

Christa Miller played Jordan Sullivan, Dr. Cox's on-again, off-again wife slash ex-wife for all nine seasons. IRL, Miller has been in a steady relationship with "Scrubs" creator Bill Lawrence. Miller, who was starring in "The Drew Carey Show" at the time, met Lawrence at an ABC party in 1998, per The New York Times. The couple tied the knot in 1999 and have been not just romantic partners but longtime co-workers as well. After "Scrubs," Miller went on to star in another Bill Lawrence comedy, "Cougar Town," which ran from 2009 to 2015. In 2023, she'll be appearing in her husband's latest comedy, "Shrinking" starring Jason Segel, which is set to premiere on January 27 on Apple TV+.

When she and her husband weren't working, they were busy raising their three children who are now nearly grown. Their oldest daughter, Charlotte, is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter, per W Magazine. Christa Miller's Instagram is a collection of how proud she is of her children as well as evidence that she still frequently hangs out with the "Scrubs" cast.

Neil Flynn solidified his status as a TV veteran

Neil Flynn played the character only ever known as "The Janitor," a quirky, unhinged foil to the main characters, who became a staple of the comedy. "Scrubs" was Flynn's first major TV show. "I learned the ropes on 'Scrubs.' I was lucky to be along for that ride; I came out of that with the confidence of knowing how a TV show runs and what's expected of an actor," he told Entertainment Weekly.

He went directly from "Scrubs" to starring in "The Middle," a sitcom that ran for 9 years until 2018. After that, he immediately starred in another short-lived series called "Abby's" in 2019, making him a network TV sitcom staple for 18 years. "I've been at it for a long time, and it eventually paid off more than I could have expected...I guess I was eventually let into the party and just refused to leave," he added in the Entertainment Weekly interview. Nowadays, he seems to be appearing as a guest on TV shows here and there, including the Bill Lawrence series "Shrinking."

Ken Jenkins turned to the theater

Ken Jenkins, who played the ever-grumpy Chief of Medicine Dr. Bob Kelso for the span of 178 episodes, is a veteran actor, appearing on-screen since the 1970s. He's also been involved in theater and stage productions throughout his life. What's more, the thespian has reportedly been married to his second wife, fellow actor Katharine Houghton since 1970. In 1979, the couple appeared on stage together in a production of "Uncle Vanya."

After "Scrubs" ended, Ken Jenkins made TV and film appearances here and there, including where many "Scrubs" cast members went, "Cougar Town." But he also delved back into theater. He's directed several productions including a musical his wife wrote. In 2014, he directed a play called "The Foreigner" in Pennsylvania; his Tony award-nominated son, Dan Jenkins, starred in the play along with his grandson and daughter-in-law, according to Penn Live. In an interview with Public Opinion, Ken called the play "A truly an American classic comedy" adding, "But in the tradition of great American classic comedies, it'll get at your heart before you know it and you'll end up loving the people." Doesn't sound so different from what "Scrubs" achieved as a silly sitcom with a heart.

Aloma Wright found soap opera success

With over 100 IMDb credits to her name, Aloma Wright has been busy working in a variety of movies and TV shows over the years. Appearing in 93 episodes of the sitcom, fans of "Scrubs" predominantly know her as Nurse Laverne Roberts. The character tragically died at the end of Season 6 in a tear-jerker episode examining religion and death (as the series often did examine in its more serious moments). The show's creator, Bill Lawrence, believed Season 6 would be the final season and wanted to end on a powerful note. However, the show was actually renewed and Lawrence didn't want Wright to be out of the job, so the actor reappeared on the series in later seasons as Nurse Shirley, who had a different hairstyle and a totally different attitude. "I'm glad to know he's a man of his word and I've still got a job," she told Variety at the time.

After "Scrubs" ended, Wright went on to play another TV nurse: Nurse Maxine on the long-running soap opera "Days of Our Lives" until 2015. That year, she landed a role on "Suits" and stayed on the USA drama series until 2019. Since 2020, she's played Grandma Viola in Tyler Perry's "Young Dylan," with a third season coming soon.

Sam Llyod tragically died in 2020

Though Sam Lloyd had been making appearances on sitcoms for nearly two decades, it's his role of hospital attorney Ted Buckland on "Scrubs" that so many fans remember him for. Not only was he a prolific comedic actor, but Lloyd was also a talented musician in an a cappella group called The Blanks, a skill he often demonstrated on "Scrubs" when his bandmates would appear alongside him on the show. After the series ended, The Blanks went on tour around the world, incorporating sketch comedy into their act. Lloyd continued acting, with recurring roles on "Cougar Town," "The Middle," and "Modern Family."

Tragically, Lloyd was diagnosed with cancer and an inoperable brain tumor in 2019, per Variety. He died in May 2020 at the age of 56. At the time of his passing, former "Scrubs" co-star Zach Braff wrote on Instagram, "Rest In Peace to one of the funniest actors I've ever had the joy of working with. Sam Lloyd made me crack up and break character every single time we did a scene together. He could not have been a kinder man. I will forever cherish the time I had with you, Sammy."