Sam Ramsden

Photo of Sam Ramsden
Leeds, UK
Leeds University
Entertainment, Politics, Social Media
  • Sam has previously written a range of entertainment stories and conducted interviews for Bustle, Metro UK, PinkNews, Reality Titbit, and Grindr's Bloop.
  • He's previously covered politics for Bustle and PinkNews, as well as political opinion pieces for Metro UK.
  • Sam is a social media strategist for Bustle.


Sam is a UK-based freelance writer who covers entertainment stories, writes features and personal essays, and conducts celebrity interviews. He earned his very first writing commission back in 2015 and has gone on to cover topics such as entertainment, pop culture, politics, LGBTQ+ issues, and beyond for publications including Metro UK, PinkNews, Grindr, Reality Titbit, The Tab, and more.


Sam earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Creative Media at Leeds University, where he crafted his skills in both digital journalism, social media, and graphic design.
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