Shia LaBeouf Reveals The Tragic Death Of His Mother Amid Olivia Wilde Controversy

Shia LaBeouf has just issued some devastating family news amid the ongoing media conflict between himself and Olivia Wilde. The drama began when Wilde did a Variety interview in late August to promote her film, "Don't Worry Darling." 

During the chat, Wilde said that she'd fired LaBeouf from the film prior to hiring Harry Styles for a lead role. LaBeouf then addressed these claims through messages sent to Variety. The actor stated he "quit the film due to lack of rehearsal time." In addition, LaBeouf shared past communication between himself and Wilde. This included texts in which LaBeouf said he'd be walking away from the project, as well as a video in which Wilde discussed the movie and said to LaBeouf that she was "not ready to give up on this yet."

Wilde has since responded in an interview with Vanity Fair. The actor and director maintained her position that she'd let LaBeouf go in order to protect another star of the film, Florence Pugh. "I'm like a mother wolf," Wilde said. "Making the call was tricky, but in a way [LaBeouf] understood." She then explained, "I want him to get well and to evolve because I think it's a great loss to the film industry when someone that talented is unable to work." 

Now LaBeouf is revealing that, behind the scenes of this drama, he has experienced a heartbreaking personal loss.

Shia LaBeouf's mother has died at age 80

Actor Shia LaBeouf revealed that his mother, Shayna Saide, has sadly passed away. The actor shared this with The Hollywood Reporter while addressing the counterclaims made by Olivia Wilde regarding his previous involvement in the movie, "Don't Worry Darling." 

Saide died on August 27 at the age of 80 as a result of heart failure, the outlet reported. LaBeouf said his mother was "full of fear in her last moments" and "frantic" when she passed, then went on to express how Saide passed along to him a connection to a higher power.

"Her greatest gift to me was to promote, in her dying, the necessity of a relationship with God," LaBeouf said. "Not an interest, not just a belief, but a relationship built on proof as tangible as a hug." He concluded by saying, "She was loved by many and known by too few. God bless you, Momma." 

Saide was a visual artist, per Refinery29, who was raised in the Lower East Side of New York City, previously working as a traveling modern and jazz dancer. LaBeouf spoke about his love for his mother with Extra in 2009, per MTV, calling her "the most beautiful woman on this planet" before adding, "and I love her." In response to Wilde maintaining that she fired the actor from "Don't Worry Darling," LaBeouf said, "It is what it is — every blessing to her and her film."