Seth Meyers' 2022 Emmys Appearance Has People Talking For All The Wrong Reasons

On September 12, the 74th annual Primetime Emmy Awards aired on NBC, seeing a variety of incredible actors and those involved in television coming together to celebrate the best of the best of the small screen. Hosted by Kenan Thompson, the broadcast saw many presenters from the NBC family, including Sofia Vergara, Amy Poehler, and Seth Meyers. Meyers and Poehler presented together, and engaged in typical banter reminiscent of their time together on "Saturday Night Live." However, viewers were quick to comment on more than just the comedians' jokes, instead focusing on one aspect of Meyers that they thought strange: his skin. People quickly took to Twitter to wonder exactly what went on during the late night host's show prep and made a comparison to another bronzed Hollywood great. 

Many equated Meyers' look with that of George Hamilton, an actor who himself spent decades in television but was perhaps best-known for his incredibly bronzed skin later in life. "Why does @sethmeyers look like this," one user tweeted, alongside a photo of Hamilton. "Why is Seth Meyers wearing George Hamilton level bronzer," another asked. "Seth Meyers should ease up on the tanning lotion just a tad," a third person wrote. We know Meyers is usually one to keep his look pretty subtle, but perhaps he's hoping to channel Hamilton and mimic the longevity of his career.