Here's Where You Know The Cast Of Echoes From

Netflix's miniseries "Echoes," from the creator of "13 Reasons Why," is one of the most confusing, twist-filled thrillers that the streamer has ever released. The show follows two twin sisters, Leni and Gina, who live two totally different lives. Leni never left her hometown and helps run a farm, while Gina has a fabulous life in Los Angeles as a wealthy author. When Leni goes missing and Gina must return home, it becomes clear that the sisters have actually swapped lives — it's Gina who's gone and Leni who must blend in with a life she no longer recognizes. The show is full of shocks, flashbacks, cliffhangers, and more role reversals than any viewer can hope to keep track of. It seems Netflix audiences can't get enough. Per Variety, the show topped Netflix charts for weeks after release.

Following the plot of "Echoes" is confounding enough without trying to remember where you've seen its stars before. There are multiple sets of twins involved thanks to the show's flashback structure, not to mention two husbands, a sister, a suitor, and an affair — it makes sense that the show needed a complicated cast to go along with its complex characters. Never fear, that's where we come in. Read on to learn where you know the cast of Echoes from.

Michelle Monaghan pulls double duty

Michelle Monaghan had a complicated task set out for her when she agreed to play Gina and Leni in "Echoes," twins who do a fair amount of swapping lives. That means she plays Gina and Leni and both sisters pretending to be each other.  "I've really created four characters because there are different nuances when they've switched into each other's lives," she explained to UPI. "I don't know if people will pick up on it, but it was something I needed to creatively do because nobody can be exactly the same."

Monaghan is known for her complex characters on both TV and film. She played Angie Gennaro in "Gone Baby Gone," the partner of Casey Affleck's private investigator character. In "Source Code," she was Jake Gyllenhaal's friend who dies in the train explosion every time the loop starts over, and she's played Tom Cruise's ex-wife in several films in the "Mission: Impossible" franchise.

However, some of her most critically-acclaimed work has happened on television. She was nominated for a Golden Globe for her role in the first season of "True Detective," where she played the wife of Woody Harrelson's character who ends up cheating on him with Matthew McConaughey. "The reason why I signed on to the project is because I loved Maggie," she told The Daily Beast. "I thought she was a completely fleshed-out character. She has this very meaningful arc."

Matt Bomer plays Jack

Matt Bomer stars in "Echoes" as Jack, the husband of the twin who goes missing. Little does he know, he's actually been living with the sister of the woman he married. It's a complicated situation to be in, made all the more complicated by the fact that Jack may be harboring a bit of a crush for the twin he doesn't think is his. "I loved working with this cast and creative team," Bomer wrote on Instagram. He seemed proud of the success of the show, adding after its premiere, "Thank you to all of you who made 'Echoes' the #1 show on Netflix in the U.S. and my current home away from home, Canada."

Bomer has been a frequent presence on television over the past decade, appearing on multiple seasons of "White Collar" as well as "American Horror Story." He told New York Post that one of the most memorable acting scenes in his career came on the latter show, opposite Lady Gaga, in the "Hotel" season. "I feel that ever since the blood orgy I did with Lady Gaga, everything is pretty tame after that," he joked.

He's also a star of films as well as television. He's been in "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning" and "The Normal Heart," but Bomer may look especially familiar to "Echoes" fans when Jack takes off his shirt – which he did numerous times as Ken in "Magic Mike" and "Magic Mike XXL."

Ali Stroker is a Tony winner

In 2012, Ali Stroker came in second place on "The Glee Project," Oxygen's reality series dedicated to finding new talent for "Glee." The actor, a proud advocate of people with disabilities, was honest on the show about what an opportunity it was. "I know that being in a wheelchair has closed doors," she said in the series finale. "But this is a door that can open." Open it did. Though she didn't win the competition, Stroker went on to appear on "Glee" anyway, followed by MTV's "Faking It," "Drunk History," and a whole lot of other shows leading to her current stardom. In addition to "Echoes," in 2022, she appeared on "And Just Like That" as well as "Ozark" and "Only Murders in the Building."

Stroker is also a Broadway icon, having been in a revival of "Spring Awakening" (via IBDB). But, her next role garnered her biggest recognition yet. Stroker picked up a Tony Award for her role in the 2019 revival of "Oklahoma!" as Annie. "I never set out to win an award," she told Disability Horizons. "I always just wanted to work on amazing projects and do good work. It was beautiful to have recognition for all the hard work I've put in over the years."

On "Echoes," Stroker plays Claudia, the younger sister of twins Gina and Leni. "So excited for you all to see it and meet Claudia and the rest of this killer cast!" she teased on Instagram.

Daniel Sunjata's Rescue Me role made headlines

On "Echoes," Daniel Sunjata plays Gina's husband Charlie, who is completely unaware that he's actually been living with Leni for the past year. Michelle Monaghan was happy to work alongside the former "Grey's Anatomy" star, noting in an interview with Netflix's Tudum that his casting helped her understand her dual characters' sinister motivations. "Why wouldn't you trade lives [for] Matt Bomer and Daniel Sunjata?" she joked.

Sunjata has been in numerous television shows over the years, including "Notorious," "Manifest," and "Power Book II: Ghost." However, his big break came in 2004 when he starred in FX's firefighting drama "Rescue Me," playing Franco Rivera. He portrayed the character across multiple seasons and almost 100 episodes. The actor made headlines while "Rescue Me" was on the air when he noted in interviews that, like his character, he believed the attacks of September 11th to have been an inside job (via Chicagoist).

By the end of the series, he was growing tired. "I loved my time on 'Rescue Me,' but I didn't really want to do TV when it was over," he confessed to The Wrap. "At a certain point in time, I felt like Franco was kind of like doing the same thing. Every time he spoke, he was like being a little arrogant or talking about women or what have you." A role in "Graceland" managed to convince him to return to the format, and he's remained a television regular ever since.

West Wing vet Michael O'Neill likes television

Michael O'Neill plays Victor McCleary on "Echoes," father of twins Leni and Gina as well as younger daughter Claudia. He's in poor health, and his daughters worry that all the drama surrounding Leni's disappearance will be too much for him to handle. Speaking to "The Brett Allan Show," O'Neill suggested he was particularly glad this was a series and not a film. "A lot of really wonderful writers are moving to the long-form," he explained. "They don't have to yank things out, they can put more in, they can take time to tell that story. And it's compelling as an actor to get to work on it ... and I have to think it's compelling for them to get to write it that way."

O'Neill is no stranger to long-form television. Fans may recognize him from his many TV roles over the years, including on "Bates Motel," "Scandal," "Jack Ryan," and Netflix's "Messiah." He is also well known for playing the recurring character, Secret Service Agent Ron Butterfield, on "The West Wing." The character was there when President Bartlett was shot, and O'Neill told Yahoo! Life that he took acting inspiration from Jerry Parr, the Secret Service agent who witnessed the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan's life. "It's one of my favorite things that I've ever done, getting to do that with Martin [Sheen], but really based on Jerry's life," O'Neill said. "It gives me chills to think about it."

Karen Robinson was on Schitt's Creek

Karen Robinson's Sheriff Louise Floss is on to Gina and Leni from almost her very first appearance on "Echoes." She knows something isn't right when Leni goes missing, and things make even less sense when Gina turns up in town to look for her missing sister. In an episode of "Dead Talk Live," the actor explained the character's motivation and skill at interrogating the people around her. "These people and her community, they matter to her," she said. "And I think that her charisma has been a part of getting her to where she is ... to be able to achieve the level that she has in her career, especially as a Black woman in a small town in America." Following the show's premiere, Robinson seemed very happy with the success of "Echoes," thanking viewers on Instagram for making it the #1 show in Canada.

The actor will likely be familiar to most viewers from her role on "Schitt's Creek," the beloved Canadian sitcom in which she played Ronnie. "It was really, really fabulous to be in the presence of all those people for the past six years," she told The Advocate of her co-stars like Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara. "I think I'm a better actor coming out of it," she added. Hollywood would seem to agree. Since the sitcom ended, she has worked consistently, including appearing regularly on The Hallmark Channel's "Morning Show Mysteries," ABC's "A Million Little Things," and HBO Max's superhero show "Titans."

Jonathan Tucker has been famous since the 90s

Jonathan Tucker has been an inescapable Hollywood presence for years. He led the casts of "The Virgin Suicides," "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre," and "The Ruins," in addition to putting in his time on TV shows like "The Black Donnellys." His career continued into the 2010s, which brought starring roles in "Kingdom," "Justified," "Parenthood," "Westworld," and "Snowfall." He also led the cast of NBC's quickly-canceled sci-fi show "Debris," which had a small, devoted fanbase. Tucker told Collider that he took the role explicitly because he wanted to be on network TV, noting, "It's not like I'm gonna do this for the rest of my life, but they're telling really good stories on some of these network shows and they have the resources to get them out there."

When Iris Covet Book asked him which of his many roles he relates to most, the actor turned to sports to explain his approach to acting. "It's kind of like: you're a pitcher, you have a certain kind of pitch you know you're really good at, and you have a strike box you know you're guaranteed to get an umpire to call a strike in, and you're trying to work the corners a whole bunch," he said. "You're always you, but if it's not a strike, then at least you attempted it." ...Sure! On "Echoes," Tucker plays Dylan, a bad-boy drug dealer who Leni (actually Gina) fell in love with while swapping places with her sister.

Onye Eme-Akwari is just getting started

Onye Eme-Akwari plays Beau in a handful of episodes of "Echoes." While he's not a major character, the actor makes an impression thanks to his winning smile and friendly vibes. Beau is a local man who is romantically interested in Leni and Gina's sister, Claudia, and he shows up at several points throughout the season. On Instagram, Eme-Akwari posted a carousel of behind-the-scenes glimpses of his role, writing, "Shout out to the amazing folks I got to meet and work with." His scene partner, Ali Stroker, commented, "Sweet BEAU! So excited about our scene!"

According to a cast bio for Eme-Akwari's role in a film called "Son of the South," the actor was born in Nigeria and is quite the musician in addition to being a thespian. On top of roles in shows like "Queen of the South," "Dolly Parton's Heartstrings," and "Bob Hearts Abishola," Eme-Akwari put in a memorable appearance as Trevor in the second season of the hit Netflix teen drama, "Outer Banks." On Instagram, the actor shared a behind-the-scenes look at his character and wrote. "Meet Trevor. Check out @obx on @netflix to find out why he looks like this," he wrote, referring to the fact that his character appeared covered in powder. "Or you can ask @hichasestokes I guess," he joked, adding a shrug emoticon while tagging in Chase Stokes, the main star of the show. 

Tyner Rushing has been on many buzzy shows

In some ways, "Echoes" is a show about memory and the ways that our childhood experiences shape us and inform who we are today. One major event in Leni and Gina's past was the death of their mother Maria, and "Echoes" frequently flashes back to their childhood, showing what the girls went through as they watched their mother's health decline. In those flashbacks, Maria is played by Tyner Rushing, an actor who has been on some of the most talked-about streaming shows of 2022.

She starred as Emma on Hulu's "Under the Banner of Heaven," opposite Andrew Garfield. On "Stranger Things," she played another ill-fated character who appeared via flashbacks. Her role as Virginia Creel meant she was both mother and victim to her son Henry Creel — the psychokinetic child who becomes Vecna. Finally, on "The Terminal List," she portrayed Liz Riley, a pilot. The latter role meant working alongside Chris Pratt, and she told ActioNews that they shared performance chemistry during a Zoom audition for the role. "The funny thing was you could feel it like I think we all could," she recalled. "I connected with him ... it just felt so right."

Rushing told that it was a bit overwhelming to have so many streaming projects debuting in one year. "I'm not gonna lie, sometimes I get a bit of that imposter syndrome," she said. "... but I just mostly feel grateful to be a part of so many projects that I really respect."

Gable Swanlund is a child star

In "Echoes," Gable Swanlund plays Mattie, the daughter of Jack and Leni (... or is it Gina?). The character isn't too involved for much of the series, mostly playing with her dollhouse and there to point out when one twin says something more frequently uttered by the other. However, Mattie's very existence proves to be pivotal in the mysterious motivation behind the switching of the twins, the show's inciting incident.

Swanlund is a young actor just kicking off her career. She appeared in an episode of "Modern Family," 2018's Halloween episode entitled "Good Grief," and she also showed up in an episode of the first season of "Never Have I Ever." Before "Echoes," her biggest role was in the Apple TV+ dark comedy, "The Shrink Next Door." Starring opposite Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd, she played Nancy, the daughter of Kathryn Hahn's character, who figured prominently in the series finale.

The budding star's talent agency celebrates her wins on social media, including in 2019, when they posted a Toyotathon Christmas commercial that she acted in. On Facebook, they very affectionately wrote, "Miss Gable Swanlund ... you are growing into a brilliant beautiful and talented magical lady and star!!!!!"

The Mason Twins are mini Michelle Monaghans

Michelle Monaghan plays both Leni and Gina in the present-day timeline of  "Echoes," which is easy enough considering one twin is missing and the other one assumes her identity. They are rarely on screen at the same time, meaning Monaghan just needs a different costume and accent to indicate which twin she's portraying — or, sometimes, which twin is pretending to be the other one.

In flashbacks, though, when the twins were kids, they are played by real-life twins Hazel and Ginger Mason. This is the first time the child stars have gotten their own roles, and they seem to have enjoyed the experience. "It's a rare thing to get to be a part of something as special as @echoesnetflix," they wrote on Instagram. "In addition to all of the talent we were surrounded by, we realized quickly that we were fortunate to be spending our days in Wilmington, NC, with some of the most gracious and generous people."

Productions often use twins to play one child, allowing them each to be on set for the maximum amount of time that kids can work — think the Olsen Twins in "Full House." As such, in the 8th and 9th seasons of "The Blacklist, Hazel and Ginger split the role of Agnes Keen, Liz, and Tom's daughter. They may also look familiar because they both played Pamela in Steven Spielberg's "The Post."

Clayton Royal Johnston had a great 2022

In the fourth season of "Stranger Things," Clayton Royal Johnson played Andy. The basketball player was part of Jason's group of friends, the gang of popular jocks who bullied the Midnight Club (and particularly Eddie Munson), throughout the season. The character was someone fans loved to hate, with one viewer humorously tweeting, "Jason and Andy. Leave. Die. Something. Just git."

Aside from "Stranger Things," Johnson may be recognizable to fans of metalcore for his appearance in the music video for "Anima," by Our Sorrows. In 2022, Johnson also appeared alongside "Eighth Grade" star Elsie Fisher as part of the cast of the movie adaptation of Grady Hendrix's "My Best Friend's Exorcism," on Amazon Prime Video. Interestingly, he maintains an enigmatic social media presence. For example, in addition to promoting his projects on Instagram, he also once shared a photo of a Lil Wayne portrait and captioned it simply, "Lil Wayne."

On "Echoes," he plays the younger version of Jonathan Tucker's character, Dylan. We get to see Johnson mostly in flashbacks, in full bad-boy hunk mode, as he catches the eye of both Gina and Leni. Things get steamy, suggesting fans will soon want to know more about the up-and-comer.

Alise Willis plays Leni's friend Meg

When Gina first gets back to her hometown to seek out her missing sister Leni — who is really Gina, pretending to have been Leni for the past year — one of the first signs that something is seriously wrong is Leni's degraded relationship with her best friend Meg. The last time Leni was in town — the last time she was in control of her real life — they were besties, but now Meg is cold and distant, and Leni's not sure what went wrong.

Meg is played by Alise Willis, who is very proud of the show. "What a beautiful journey it has been," she wrote on Instagram when the show dropped on Netflix. "I don't even have words for what I feel at the moment. Blessed, excited, and thrilled resonates with me heavily, but grateful is the word that clings to my heart the most. God had blessed me to currently star in 2 TV series. Talk about living under God's grace."

The other series Willis referenced was "Ruthless," BET and Tyler Perry's hit drama about a cult called the Rakudushi. Willis has played Lacey, one of the series leads, for 58 episodes of the drama. She told Celebrity Page that she was particularly excited to work on a Tyler Perry project, explaining, "Tyler directs every single thing that he does. He gave us a lot [of] freedom and it was such an honor to be directed by him." 

Rosanny Zayas stars as Deputy Paula Martinez

When Gina assumes the role of Leni — really Leni resuming her old life, but trying to pretend she hadn't been away for a year — she raises the suspicion of the local deputy, Paula Martinez. Namely, she doesn't seem to realize that Leni and Paula have grown close over the past year. 

It seems that the cast grew close behind the scenes, too — actor Rosanny Zayas, who plays Paula, has shared numerous looks at filming on Instagram. Sharing a video of herself goofing off with co-star, and fellow cop, Karen Robinson, she wrote in the caption, "Lucky enough to spend time with this amazing!! human!!!! and so many others on @echoesnetflix." She also shared a number of Polaroids she seems to have taken on set, referring to "Echoes" as, "My little project in Wilmington." Michelle Monaghan, Matt Bomer, Jonathan Tucker, and more showed the actor some love in the comments.

Zayas is probably best known for her role in "The L Word: Generation Q," where she plays Sophie Suarez. She told Autostraddle that she was particularly excited to represent an LGBT+ Afro-Latina character on screen, explaining, "Hopefully in my work ...  I'm giving voice to see a character that has an accent like mine, or hair like mine, or wears my kind of lipstick, or will wear a shirt that maybe shows a little bit too much t***y but just enough to make you keep watching because that's the kind of shirts I wear!"