Whoopi Goldberg Defends King Charles' Bossy Behavior In Tense Exchange On The View

It's only been a few days since the death of Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III assuming the throne. According to Telegraph, King Charles' first day as king started with greeting the people of England, with him and his wife reportedly spending more than 10 minutes shaking people's hands and talking to their subjects. He later gave a speech to his country, accepting his new role as king.

"I am deeply aware of this great inheritance and of the duties and heavy responsibilities of sovereignty which have now passed to me," he said, per the CBC. He later recognized the heartbreaking passing of his mother, adding that he knows the country as well as nations outside of England are very impacted by the Queen's death.

However, despite the On his first day as a royal monarch, King Charles couldn't escape the internet, as people thought it was funny how he became annoyed with a tray while signing a document. A short clip of the king ordering the pen tray to be taken away went viral, and one person joked about how he would react if he was working with a laptop and a slow internet connection. But with all of the laughter this clip has been getting, "The View" co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin didn't think it was very funny, which prompted a strong retort from Whoopi Goldberg.

Whoopi Goldberg believes the king should be bossy

On the August 13 episode of "The View," the co-hosts talked about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex reuniting with the royal family amid their new life in the United States. They pointed to King Charles III's first public speech, where he mentioned the Harry and Meghan, leading Alyssa Farah Griffin to argue he could be the person to "bring the family back together." The discussion quickly turned into a small squabble, as Whoopi Goldberg replied with frustration, "I don't know that it's his job to bring them back together."

The convo continued to intensify as Griffin described the short clip of King Charles shooing away the pen tray as "bossy" behavior, saying, "I think what some of Americans' gripes are with the monarchy like you're not above helping people." Co-host Whoopi Goldberg stopped Griffin's comments, chiming in,"I'm sorry. No. No. He is the king. And that is what kings do." She then went on to defend her opinion by mentioning that America and England have different governments and therefore different ways of ruling a country. "Americans don't do that because we all started here as equals, that was the point," Goldberg added. "In England, that's not the point, they're the king and everybody else is them."

Of course, it's still early to tell how Charles will fare as king — but it's clear Goldberg is in his corner.