Selling Sunset Fans Tell Nicki Swift Who Their Least Favorite Cast Member Is - Exclusive Survey

In Netflix's "Selling Sunset," the drama starts right at Season 1 with a feud between Chrishell Stause and Christine Quinn, per The Tab. The following seasons then show how Quinn's relationship with all of the girls in the office is destroyed. The show also includes smaller feuds, like Amanza Smith and Heather Rae El Moussa's argument over children, and Davina Potratz wanting to sell a $75 million house.

But with all the drama that unravels on the show, opinions become inevitable. Stause has been getting a lot of comments about her seemingly "fake" personality. "I try and always be professional," she said in defense on her Instagram Stories (via Us Weekly). She mentioned that she has great friends in the industry, but she won't be nice to someone who doesn't respect her. In Season 3, Potratz and Stause had a bit of a squabble as differing opinions on Stause's divorce from Justin Hartley divided the group. According to, Potratz received death threats because fans were angered at her comments, mentioning that the threats got very violent. "It's really shocking that people are at such a dark place with themselves that they would wish that for anyone," she told the media outlet. 

In light of all the drama, Nicki Swift asked readers to name their least favorite "Selling Sunset" star, and the answer was a bit surprising.

Heather Rae El Moussa isn't the fan favorite

Nicki Swift surveyed 582 readers, and it may come as a shock that Heather Rae El Moussa is the least favorite "Selling Sunset" cast member, receiving 17.70% of the votes. In Season 1, Christine Quinn expressed her dislike of El Moussa, saying that she didn't like her co-star's looks, style, or voice. Fans also got annoyed with the real estate agent when she appeared to be too obsessed with her husband, Tarek El Moussa, per OK!

The second least-liked cast member is less of a shock, as Christine Quinn raked up 16.84% of the votes. Quinn is painted as the villain of the show with her bold comments that can sometimes come off as rude. "I don't really feel like I'm the villain in real life, because I'm the only one who's willing to express my opinion," she told Elle. She also mentioned that she believes the outspoken one gets the attention.

Emma Hernan came in third with 15.98% of the votes, but only one vote more than Chelsea Lazkani. While most fans may believe Hernan's side of the boyfriend debacle with Quinn, some don't like her personality. For example, fans weren't exactly thrilled when she decided to risk her life to take a picture for Instagram, and others believed the $5,000 bribe story was fake. While Lazkani was a new addition to the cast during Season 5, it appears fans didn't warm up to her despite her posh British accent.