Heather Rae El Moussa Slams One Major Assumption About Her Marriage To Tarek

Heather Rae Young initially gained fame for appearing on the Netflix hit, "Selling Sunset," where she introduced viewers to her keen real-estate kills and a cat fight here and there. But, after she began dating "Flip or Flop"'s Tarek El Moussa, their romance became the center of plenty of conversations and headlines. The pair, who are clearly a match made in reality TV heaven, tied the knot in October 2021, and Young has not been shy about sharing plenty of tributes dedicated to her wedding day. "MR. & MRS. EL MOUSSA!!!" she wrote on Instagram on October 23. "I married the love of my life today. My sweet man, my everything. Cheers to forever and then some."

Only a few months later, Young revealed that she and El Moussa were expecting their first child together. The couple had detailed their IVF journey on social media, but on Instagram, Young explained that she and El Moussa got their "miracle baby" the old-fashioned way. "I've been really open about my pregnancy journey-we've been doing IVF and went from having 7 frozen eggs to being told we were only supposed to get 2 follicles to then being able to get 8 to... having an all natural pregnancy," she shared in the cute post.

It's clear that Young is not shy about showing love and praise for her husband and their growing family on social media, so it is no surprise that the mama bear in her can come out from time to time.

Heather Rae Young slams Twitter user

Heather Rae Young is never one to shy away from speaking her mind on pretty much any topic. And, the claws come out when it comes to anything regarding her relationship with her husband, Tarek El Moussa. The star is no stranger to facing a lot of opinions on social media, and every once in a while, one will catch her eye and prompt her to reply. On August 25, one Twitter user accused Young of making her husband "her husband her entire personality."

This tweet struck a chord with Young, who quickly clapped back to the naysayer. "No girl, It's called true love. That most people never get to experience," the "Selling Sunset" star wrote. "Lucky enough I found one of the most incredible men out there." Some of Young's fans also commented on the thread, with most coming to the star's defense. "Heather do you girl, people will always be jealous of what you have & stoop low to tear it down," one fan wrote, reminding Young to "ignore the haters."

This is not the first time Young has clapped back at one of her critics on social media. According to Life and Style Mag, the reality star slammed a fan who suggested she was trying to look like El Moussa's ex, Christina Hall. "How would I be 'trying to look like someone?' Last time I checked, I've looked like this my whole life," Young wrote in the Instagram Q&A. We can feel the burn!