Dionne Warwick Has Twitter Applauding Her Take On Leonardo DiCaprio's Love Life

We kind of thought that Leonardo DiCaprio's unique dating history — the fact that his relationships seem to end right around the time his girlfriend turns 25 — was common knowledge by now. But, it seems everyone's favorite kooky Twitter aunt, iconic Motown singer Dionne Warwick, has only just now learned that DiCaprio has never dated a woman over the age of 25. 

The Oscar-winning actor is fresh from his most recent breakup with 25-year-old model Camila Marrone (right on cue), and already rumors are flying about who he might be going after next. Some people, according to People, think DiCaprio is dating Gigi Hadid. But as Hadid is already 27, two years older than DiCaprio's oldest-ever girlfriend, others aren't so sure about this rumor.

Whoever he is dating, once Warwick heard of the 25-year-old girlfriend thing, she had some thoughts about this tendency of Leo's, and Twitter is eating it up. Miss Warwick is always right, after all.

Twitter loves Auntie Dionne

Taking to her favorite social media app, Dionne Warwick tweeted on September 13, "I just heard about Leonardo DiCaprio's 25 year rule. His loss. You don't know what you're missing." We love our confident, older queen! Aside from a few grumpy-for-no-reason dudes in the comments section, Warwick's tweet was hailed on the platform as another A-plus dragging from the star. 

"Tweet of the year," remarked Olympian LoLo Jones in a quote-tweet.  Another user joked, "Indeed. May I show you something in a Pete Davidson?" And lots of fans had love for "Auntie Dionne" in the replies. "Let 'em know, Auntie," read one tweet. "Now Auntie!" read another. "Who told auntie Dionne about this," another user wanted to know.

Honestly, even if DiCaprio really has raised his age requirements to 27 instead of 25, thus allowing him to actually date Gigi Hadid, as Page Six reports —we're not sure Auntie Dionne would agree that this really counts as dating someone "older."