Everything We Know About Boardwalk Empire Star Michael Pitt's Hospitalization

"Boardwalk Empire" star Michael Pitt has fans pretty worried after being hospitalized following an incident on the streets of New York City. Pitt is probably best known for playing Jimmy Darmody in the popular HBO drama, as well as popping up in the likes of "Dawson's Creek," "Hannibal," and "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" over the years, according to his IMDb page.

The actor hasn't exactly been in the spotlight a whole lot for his work, though, with his turbulent personal life hitting the headlines more than his career. In July, TMZ reported that the star was arrested in Brooklyn, New York, after allegedly causing minor injuries to an unnamed man. It's alleged Pitt punched the victim in the head more than once before then purportedly taking his cell phone from him.

But now, the streets of New York are once again turning out to be a dangerous place for this star, as he again found himself having a run in with the Big Apple's boys in blue following a scary episode.

Michael Pitt had an incident on the street

Michael Pitt found himself in police custody on September 8 after having a public incident on the streets of Brooklyn. Video footage, which was shared by TMZ, showed the shirtless actor being taken away (seemingly to an ambulance) on a stretcher while looking extremely confused about where he was or what's going on. The site claimed Pitt had allegedly been throwing things at people on the streets, but claimed he was not actually charged by the police because he appeared to be in a disordered mental state. It's not known if anyone was hurt during the incident, though it's claimed the star may even have been launching an unknown number of items from a New York City rooftop.

Pitt's team don't appear to have commented publicly on the incident, though it seems the star both lives and works in the big city. Pitt was announced in May to have joined Sean Penn's new movie, "Black Flies," with Deadline reporting that production kicked off over the spring. The star is also known to very much get into his roles too, with "Boardwalk Empire" researcher Edward McGinty sharing how involved Pitt began with his character, James "Jimmy" Darmody. "Michael Pitt was really, really a voracious researcher. He would always ask for a lot of information, stuff about World War I, that type of thing," he told Wired.

Whatever's going on with the actor right now, we're wishing him the best.

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