Nicki Swift Asks: Who Is Your Favorite Don't Worry Darling Star? - Exclusive Survey

The drama surrounding "Don't Worry Darling" is the gift the keeps on giving. The film, which is about a 1950s married couple who come to suspect that the idealistic society they've moved to has nefarious underlinings, per IMDb, doesn't release in theaters until September 23, but the celebs involved have already entertained the masses. From Shia LeBeouf, who exited the film's leading role before Harry Styles took over, releasing a video of director Olivia Wilde that refutes claims that she fired him from the set, which also ignited feud rumors between Wilde and leading lady Florence Pugh and birthed Pugh's iconic moniker, "Miss Flo" (via Page Six),  to Harry Styles... seemingly spitting on his "Don't Worry Darling" co-star Chris Pine, social media has been eating up the drama and enjoying every minute of these lively characters. 

We asked Nicki Swift readers to chime in with their thoughts on their favorite "Don't Worry Darling" cast member, which in addition to the aforementioned, also includes Gemma Chan — and the results are particularly enlightening. 

Florene Pugh is the favorite Don't Worry Darling star

It seems Florence Pugh (known now as "Miss Flo," thanks to Olivia Wilde) is pretty popular with Nicki Swift readers, as she garnered 33% of the 11K votes. And Pugh, who plays Alice Chambers in "Don't Worry Darling," is getting major love from critics, too. "Featuring ... a knockout performance from Florence Pugh who steals the show like a repo man at 5 a.m., 'Don't Worry Darling' works up a substantial amount of goodwill," wrote Cary Darling of The Houston Chronicle

Meanwhile, Philip de Semlyen of Time Out wrote, "Olivia Wilde's stylishly rendered but muddled domestic horror is saved by another showstopping performance from Florence Pugh." Harry Styles, who plays Pugh's husband Jack Chambers, came in second place, scoring 27% of the votes, despite receiving early mixed reviews for his performance. Next up is Chris Pine, who garnered 24% of readers' votes. Pine plays Frank who, judging from the trailer, may be behind the town's mysterious dealings. Wilde, who both directs and appears in "Don't Worry Darling" (as Alice's friend Bunny), received 11% of the votes, while Gemma Chan, who plays Shelley, got only 6 % of the votes.