Kate's Expressions During The Queen's Procession Has Everyone Saying The Same Thing

There's no doubting that Catherine, Princess of Wales shared a close relationship with the late Queen Elizabeth II, her husband, William, Prince of Wales' grandmother. It's believed the late monarch really took Kate Middleton under her wing when she joined the royal family, with a source telling Us Weekly back in 2019, "Kate and the queen have always had a special bond, but they developed a deeper friendship after she and [Prince] William moved from Anmer Hall, Norfolk, to Kensington Palace, which is within walking distance of Buckingham Palace." They added that these two were so close they'd often enjoy more casual afternoon teas together (how quintessentially British!) as well as, as the insider put it, "more formal meetings, where the queen will give intense one-on-one training about taking on the crown."

Body language expert Judi James probably put it best though when she explained to Express in March, "Kate appears to have grown her clearly strong relationship with the queen by stealth and proof, earning the current levels of trust and affection by showing she was a 'keeper', rather than pushing the emotional bonds."

So, it was no surprise then that Kate (who got a royal title change to Catherine, Princess of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge in the wake of the queen's passing) was front and center to pay tribute to the monarch when she died on September 8. And it was in mourning that her telling facial expressions had everyone talking.

Kate Middleton appeared 'devastated' as she said goodbye to the queen

Catherine, Princess of Wales joined her husband, William, Prince of Wales, and his family in saying goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II on September 14 as they honored the late monarch by showing solidarity at London's Westminster Hall during the service for the commencement of the queen lying in state before her funeral on September 19. Kate Middleton was visibly emotional as she paid tribute to her grandmother-in-law, with social media largely heartbroken for the mother of three as her sadness was written all over her face during the ceremony and after, when she was driven behind the queen's coffin.

"Kate Middleton, who travelled behind the queen's coffin during Wednesday's funeral procession in London, looked pensive and devastated as she left the Westminster Hall with Prince William after the service ended," one person tweeted. "I am sure Princess Catherine was extremely close to HM Queen Elizabeth II. It appears she has been crying quite a bit," another commented, while a third wrote on the social media site following the somber event, "Catherine looks exhausted and devastated."

Just like the rest of the royal family, Kate dressed completely in black to attend Queen Elizabeth II's service for the commencement, but paid a special tribute to the late monarch in her own sentimental way. The Court Jeweller confirmed she wore a brooch that had been gifted to her by her grandmother and earrings that belonged to the late Princess Diana.

How Kate Middleton is coping with the queen's death

Catherine, Princess of Wales and William, Prince of Wales, have been spotted out and about together a few times since Queen Elizabeth II's death, including when then showed solidarity with Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex by viewing all of the floral tributes left around the grounds of Windsor on September 10. Kate Middleton reportedly spoke at length to several members of public who had visited the grounds to pay their respects, with one visitor telling BBC News that the Princess of Wales told her, "It's just not the same at the castle without the queen."

Kate has also been shedding a little more insight into how she really feels about losing the queen as she's spoken to more members of the public who have headed out to mourn, including revealing the touching thing her son, Prince Louis of Wales, told her that brought her some comfort. A sweet moment Kate had with a fan was shared to TikTok and showed the mom of three saying, "My little Louis is just so sweet. He was like, 'Mummy, don't worry. She's now with great-grandpa.'" Daily Mail's royal correspondent Rebecca English also tweeted that the popular royal has been spotted getting teary while speaking to well-wishers.

Kate Middleton's touching moment with a young mourner

But even in her own grief, Kate Middleton has still been finding ways to make others smile and cry tears of joy at such a sad time in the U.K. Catherine, Princess of Wales and William, Prince of Wales interacted with school children when they went to view the many floral tributes left for Queen Elizabeth II at her Sandringham estate on September 15. While there, Kate making one young girl's day by asking her to walk with her to place flowers and a plush corgi amongst the sea of tributes left for the late monarch. Per GB News, the adorable interaction left the youngster in tears.

But while Kate has joined her famous family members to take in the vast amount of tributes laid down for the queen, she has a heartbreaking reason for not looking at every single one. One royal fan spoke to Kate outside of Sandringham, explaining to Birmingham Live of their interaction, "She said she couldn't believe how many cards and flowers there were. But she also said: 'I can't read them all or I would cry.'" Kate also shared how her three children, Prince George of Wales, Princess Charlotte of Wales, and Prince Louis of Wales, have been coping with the loss of their great-grandmother, explaining that they were doing okay and had been taken care of at school.