The Dark Realization Twitter Took Away From The Queen's Funeral

Grief has been rippling worldwide since the death of the longest-reigning British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. The queen died  at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, Buckingham Palace announced on September 8, and her eldest son, King Charles III, has succeeded the throne. Following the sudden absence of the historic stability the queen offered, millions of people's lives have been rocked, and thousands of mourners have flooded to the gates of Buckingham Palace to pay their respects.

Additionally, tens of thousands choose to stand in a lengthy queue to see the queen lying in state for four days. The line had a reported wait time of up to 14 hours, which even renowned soccer player, David Beckham, chose to stand in. Beckham admitted he was one of the people feeling uneasy amid the queen's death, telling ITV News, "I was so lucky I was able to have a few moments in my life to be around Her Majesty. It's difficult for everyone around the world because I think everyone is feeling it."

The royal family is especially feeling the aftermath of the queen's death. Prince William — now William, Prince of Wales, almost couldn't hold back tears while speaking to a mourner on the streets, recalling walking behind the queen's coffin as "very difficult," per the Sunday Times. Now, people on online can't help but talk about the unusual grieving process royal family members have to bare amid the queen funeral. Particularly, for those in line for the throne.

The royal family is openly grieving the queen

Prince William has said walking behind his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth's coffin at her procession on September 14 reminded him all too well of his own mother, Princess Diana's procession in 1997, documents The Sunday Times. Speaking to a mourner in Sandringham, England, the Prince of Wales brought up the feeling of having to say goodbye to his mother, emotionally bantering to a local, "Don't cry now, you'll start me."

Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, appeared visibly emotional at the queen's procession, with People reporting the princess looked "on the brink of tears." One person commented that the princess looked as though she was "Silently grieving," being unable to keep her eyes focused on the queen's coffin at her procession for more than a few moments at a time.

Some online say this could give a sign of Kate's level of grief, as she was known to have a special relationship with the queen — her grandmother-in-law. A source told Us Weekly in August 2020 that the queen trusted the then-duchess, "More than anything, knowing she can rely on Kate and [William] to handle matters in her absence is the greatest comfort she could ask for." 

With the royal family in full grieving mode but continuing their duties to the monarch, commenters on Twitter are getting candid about the dark side that comes with being in line to succeed a throne. Particularly, for the monarch's new successor, King Charles, and future successors, Prince William and Prince George.

Queen Elizabeth's successors have a candid sight of their future

All eyes were on King Charles III at Queen Elizabeth's state funeral inside Westminster Abbey on September 19. The king's eldest son and the monarch's next-in-line successor, Prince William, the Prince of Wales, was also in the spotlight during the emotional moment. William and Princess of Wales' eldest son, Prince George, who is now second in line to the throne, was also in attendance, reports The Washington Post. During a moment when Charles, William, and George were all in the ceremony facing the queen's coffin, one Twitter user commented on the candid sight of the throne's successors.

"I keep thinking how strange it must be for King Charles, Prince William and Prince George knowing this type of funeral will be their eventual endpoint," the individual posted, pointed out how the royal family's successors' funeral experience is "atypical of most people's." Another Twitter user commented, "George doesn't know it yet, but thought the same about Charles given his age," while someone else noted, "George will be there for two more like this. It's a LOT."

The queen will be buried at St. George's Chapel, where the royal family will get to say their final goodbye's to their guiding force of 70 years, cites AP. While some may be talking about the dark side that comes with ruling a monarch, the queen's death proves the royal family is standing strong to continue their beloved matriarch's legacy.