Body Language Expert Has Heartbreaking Theory For Queen Camilla's Nervous Funeral Display - Exclusive

The week leading up to Queen Elizabeth's funeral has been an interesting one to say the least. Both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were in London when it was announced that senior members of the royal family were asked to fly to Balmoral to see the queen one last time. Harry made the trip, albeit arriving late, while Meghan was apparently asked to stay behind as King Charles III didn't think it would be a good idea for her to be there, according to Page Six. That might or might not have been one of the reasons the Duchess of Sussex showed telltale signs of discomfort when she was around in-laws Prince William and Kate Middleton. And of course, there was also the awkward distance between the newly minted Prince and Princess of Wales during their walkabout with Harry and Meghan outside the castle gates of Windsor, as detailed by the Daily Mail

King Charles has also had his viral moment when he was caught on camera getting upset over a leaky pen at Hillsborough Castle. He also appeared agitated when one of his royal staff members wouldn't remove a pen tray fast enough before his proclamation signing. Nevertheless, it seems like the new Queen Consort Camilla Parker Bowles is also being put under a microscope, but for reasons that royal fans wouldn't expect. That's because Camilla supposedly appeared uncharacteristically nervous during Queen Elizabeth's funeral.

Just how nervous was Camilla Parker Bowles at the queen's funeral?

Although Camilla Parker Bowles is someone who reportedly grew up confident and was much adored by her family, per the Daily Mail, it seems like nothing prepared her for what would be her most daunting role to date as queen consort. Body language expert Nicole Moore, who is the host of "Reality of Love" on BSpokeTV, suggests that Camilla looked anything but herself at the queen's funeral — and the reason behind her discomfort is a bit heartbreaking.  

Speaking on Camilla's uncomfortable entrance into Windsor Chapel, Moore explained, "[Camilla's] body language here indicates that there is more than meets the eye. While Camilla likely has a lot of feelings surrounding Queen Elizabeth's death, perhaps she doesn't feel she has a right to show them." The expert also pointed  out that the queen consort used her clutch as a shield of sorts, saying, "Camilla was holding her clutch to the side of the body until the moment she had to encounter the doors of the funeral and more people, at which point she clasped the clutch in front of her body."

Body language expert notes Camilla's 'pain'

In another instance, Camilla looked like she was barely singing "God Save the King." Nicole Moore says, "There is a slight undertone in her expression of pain, almost as if she's trying to hold it all in by staying inside of her head and just focusing on the moves she has to perform rather than feeling what's in her heart." But what really stood out was how Camilla looked fidgety and incredibly nervous. Given their history and how much ridicule Charles and Camilla had faced in the past, Moore says, "It's likely that Camilla will take some time to feel fully worthy of her new place as queen given that she was not exactly welcomed into the royal family to begin with."

Social media users also noticed the queen consort's apparent discomfort. One tweeted, "Camilla [looks] scared?" Another Twitter user referenced the late queen's (and much of the public's) apparent feelings regarding Camilla in earlier days, writing, "Not convinced Queen Elizabeth liked Camilla much." While this might not have been a job that Camilla signed up for, fans of the royal family hope she'll grow into her role in time, eventually standing confidently beside her husband, the king.

Many are rooting for Camilla

While there might have been a lot of focus on how nervous Camilla Parker Bowles looked during Queen Elizabeth II's funeral, others say that a new exciting chapter is about to begin for the Queen Consort and royal fans. According to columnist Nimco Ali of the Evening Standard, this will be Camilla's time to shine as "the perfect feminist Queen Consort" that the U.K. needs. 

The Washington Post also pointed out that Queen Camilla has done a good job of winning British affection as a "no-fuss royal, with neither temper nor elitist airs." In other words, she's someone who simply wants to do her job and maybe even have some fun, like the one time she gave journalists a wink after meeting with former president Donald Trump in 2019, per the BBC. She's also gotten plenty of praise and attention for her light-hearted humor over the years. Back in 2015, Camilla teasingly held a knife in front of her husband King Charles III, and was also photographed holding ice cream in both hands during a trip to Northern Ireland in 2017, as detailed by W Magazine.

With all that said, if Queen Elizabeth II didn't think she would have been the right woman for the job, she wouldn't have given her daughter-in-law her blessing to become the next Queen Consort, according to The Cut. Now, if that's not the grandest of references, then we don't know what is. Queen Camilla should do just fine in her new role, with hopefully a few less nerves.