Aaron Carter Issues Desperate Plea To Johnny Depp's Famous Lawyer

Heading to trial! After an explosive past few days in the news, Aaron Carter is preparing to take his relationship troubles to the courts.

Over the past few months, Carter has been in the headlines with his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Melanie Martin. The two began a whirlwind romance back in 2020 when they first started sparking romance rumors. And from there, things moved quickly. By 2021, the two welcomed a rainbow baby named Prince into the world, after suffering a miscarriage months before, per US Weekly. But even with a new bundle of joy, it didn't take long for things to sour between these two. Less than a week after becoming parents, the pair ended their recent engagement and, since then, have weathered a rocky relationship, per US Weekly. For example, most recently, Martin sought a restraining order against Carter, and the "I Want Candy" singer lost custody of his son, Prince. 

As the pair's relationship struggles only continue, Carter is now speaking out on why he is determined to take his ex to court and why he needs the help of Johnny Depp's lawyer to clear his name. 

Aaron Carter plans to take his ex, Melanie Martin, to court for defamation

After seeing Johnny Depp win the defamation case against his ex, Amber Heard, Aaron Carter is revealing he is planning to do the exact same thing — and with the exact same lawyer.

Speaking with paparazzi outside his home, Carter said that he plans to sue his ex-girlfriend, Melanie Martin, for the defamation he has endured, per the Daily Mail. The defamation Carter is referring to relates to the restraining order Martin filed back in March. At the time, Martin claimed Carter broke three of her ribs during an argument, per Entertainment Tonight. Carter denied the allegations, and days after the incident the two announced their split. 

Though Carter has maintained his innocence, after seeing Depp clear his name, Carter is making a plea to Depp's lawyer, Camille Vasquez, to help him do the same. "Camille, if you hear this message, please help me, call me and find a way to contact me personally and I would love to talk to you," Carter said, explaining that he and Martin will be "Johnny Depp and Amber Heard 2.0." Though when asked if Carter is seeking a trial in order for monetary gain, like Depp, Carter shot that idea down. Instead, Carter is taking Martin to court so he can get his name and reputation back. "I know that you [Camille Vasquez] can help me win this because I have the facts," Carter said.