Florence Pugh's Absence From Another Don't Worry Darling Event Didn't Go Unexplained

The "Don't Worry Darling" premiere at the Venice Film Festival was the center of internet memes, according to NPR, as people started recognizing the tensions between the cast. During the filming process, sources told Page Six that Florence Pugh was uncomfortable with knowing the details of Olivia Wilde's relationship drama with ex-fiancé Jason Sudeikis and current partner Harry Styles. Styles and Chris Pine also got some attention from the internet, as a video of the singer appearing to spit on the "Star Trek" actor went viral (via Complex). Although both parties denied it actually happened, the drama that has already surrounded the cast makes fans believe that it did happen. 

Pugh — who used to "idolize" Wilde prior to their feud — arrived late to the premiere in Venice. While reports said that the Marvel actor's late arrival was because she was filming "Dune: Part Two" in Budapest (per W magazine) others thought it could have been because she didn't want to see any PDA from her co-star and her director. Wilde made efforts to release some of the tension by praising the "Little Women" actor's performance, saying, "I can't say how honored I am to have [Pugh] as our lead, she's amazing," during the cast Q&A panel (via W magazine). Both Pugh and Pine have not been present during the press tour since the Venice Film Festival, but amid the feud rumors, the two actors' absence was explained.

Florence Pugh's filming schedule conflicts with Don't Worry Darling press tour

On September 7, Rolling Stone published an article that had multiple sources of Florence Pugh and Olivia Wilde addressing the feud rumors. But the confusion only grew when some insiders said there was no problem between the two, yet the "Midsommar" star personally chose to skip out on the promotion part of the movie which indicates that there is at least some tension.

Both Pugh and Chris Pine were no-shows during the rest of the press tour, but they did film a video explaining their absence. "Even though I'm working halfway around the world," Pugh said in a video shown at the premiere in New York, Pine adding that he was working on another project in Los Angeles. "We did not want to miss this opportunity to thank you for coming to experience 'Don't Worry Darling' in IMAX."

Despite the ongoing rumored feud, it was previously reported that the "Black Widow" actor was filming for "Dune: Part Two," which explains why she has been absent from the rest of the press tour. According to The Wrap, Pugh was filming for the movie in Budapest, flew straight to the Venice Film Festival, and went right back to Budapest for filming after the premiere. An executive member told the media outlet that the actor's absence was known beforehand.