Kaley Cuoco Doesn't Hold Back On Co-Star Pete Davidson's Red Carpet Look

Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson are teaming up for a new film and there's no doubt that many people are intrigued by the two co-stars. Davidson and Cuoco star together in the new rom-com titled "Meet Cute," and the IMDb teaser for the Peacock original film reads, "What would you do if you could travel to your loved ones' past, heal their traumas, fix their problems, and change them into the perfect partner?" Interesting, right? 

Both Cuoco and Davidson have been doing press to promote the movie, and in an interview with E! Insider, "The Big Bang Theory" star talked about her on-screen chemistry with Davidson. "You hope you can find some magic and chemistry and make it seem real," Cuoco said. "I thought Pete was so good in it, and he really wanted to be like, a major pro in this and know his s**t." She added that she was "very impressed" by the actor.

On September 8, Cuoco also took to Instagram to share a short trailer from the movie with her 7.4 million fans, and most seemed excited about Cuoco and Davidson's project. "CANNOT WAIT! We need more movies like this!" one fan commented. "This looks stupid funny!! two of my fav people? sign me up," another person wrote. "OMG, the chemistry is blowing up this joint!!!" a third gushed. So with all of this great chemistry on-screen, that gives Cuoco an excuse to be brutally honest about her co-star and his interesting choice of apparel on the red carpet, right?

Kaley Cuoco hilariously calls out Pete Davidson over casual red carpet look

Kaley Cuoco is not shy about sharing her thoughts on Pete Davidson's red carpet look, which is totally on par with his normal clothing. According to Entertainment Tonight, the pair walked the red carpet for their "Meet Cute" premiere to promote the romantic comedy in late September. Davidson posed for photos with Cuoco, opting to go uber-casual for the occasion in a white hoodie, shades, and green pants. On the flip side, Cuoco got all glammed up in a shimmery gold blazer, and she made sure to poke fun at her co-star.

"I'm glad Pete dressed up for the occasion," Cuoco joked with Entertainment Tonight. "That is so bad." But, after throwing a little shade at Davidson, she praised him a little for being such a "sweet" person. "Especially shooting here in New York, he has a lot of fans, and I mean mobs of people as we were shooting, and the guy stops for every single person, he takes a photo with every person, he signs every autograph," she said of Kim Kardashian's former boyfriend. Cuoco also called him "generous" and "so funny."

In addition, the star shared a few photos from the premiere on her Instagram feed, including one image that captured Davidson in his "look." Like Cuoco, some fans commented on the outfit. "You look great! I see Pete dressed for the occasion in his nicest sweatpants and hoodie," one fan joked. But hey, it's all in good fun.