Olivia Wilde's Parenting Comments Speak Volumes After Jason Sudeikis Split

Living as we are in a post-"Don't Worry Darling" world, it sure feels like a million years ago since Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis split up. You may have even forgotten that these two formerly engaged people share two actual human children together. We get it. But they do have kids, and Wilde has some things to say about co-parenting. Because Sudeikis, Florence Pugh, Shia LaBeouf, and any other rumored or confirmed haters be damned — this actor and director is moving on with her life.

To be honest, if anyone has a right to be shady about co-parenting in an interview, it's Wilde. Perhaps you remember that now infamous moment when she was served custody papers, from Sudeikis, while live on stage at CinemaCon — a move which she called "vicious" in an interview with Variety in August. "The only people who suffered were my kids, because they'll have to see that, and they shouldn't ever have to know that happened," she said. 

Now, she's saying even more.

Olivia Wilde says she's had deep conversations with her kids

In an interview with Kelly Clarkson on her daytime talk show, it's not so much what Olivia Wilde said about co-parenting with Jason Sudeikis as it is what she didn't say that speaks volumes. "Reshaping a family is tricky," Wilde said. "The one benefit is that it's allowed for some really deep conversations with my kids about emotions and about happiness and about what family means and love." Wilde continued that her only priority is that her kids are happy. "My ex and I, we agree on that," she said. 

To paraphrase a popular meme format, the phrase, "We agree on that," implies the existence of a second phrase: "But we agree on literally nothing else." It's nice that Wilde can turn a brutal, public breakup into a positive teachable moment about the nature of love and happiness, but it sure doesn't sound like Sudeikis himself had any part in these "deep conversations."

In her Vanity Fair interview, Wilde may have even hinted as much, saying she's been "up front" with her children. "They understand the concept of making decisions to protect yourself and to live an authentic, happy life," she said. "They really do."