Kathy Griffin Stays Positive About Lasting Health Effects From Her Cancer Treatment

Following her lung cancer diagnosis in August 2021, Kathy Griffin has kept fans updated on her ongoing recovery. The stand-up comedian first opened up about the devastating diagnosis on Twitter, and revealed that she was also surprised by the doctor's findings. "Yes, I have lung cancer even though I've never smoked!" she wrote. "The doctors are very optimistic as it is stage one and contained to my left lung." Griffin further explained that she was expected to make a full recovery, as doctors anticipated that the comedian would be back to work in a month.

In January, Griffin shared an even more promising update on her health, revealing to fans that her lungs were finally healthy enough for her to exercise again. "I'm gonna go on my first walk today since my surgery. I'm a little nervous," Griffin said in the clip. And while the comic hoped to make a full recovery, it now appears that she may have lingering impacts from her cancer diagnosis.

Kathy Griffin's voice may not sound the same

Kathy Griffin has made no secret of her ongoing health complications, which she has seemingly battled in stride. The television icon stopped by "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on September 20, and provided fans with a hilarious (but serious) update on her post-cancer recovery. "So last time I was here — just really quickly — I had lung cancer, they took out half my left lung, and so my voice got some damage," Griffin said. She then jokingly added, "I am fine, it doesn't hurt, and the important thing is my boobs are still fabulous." Griffin went on to explain that while she is hopeful that her voice will return to normal, she is not too worried about any potential changes. "I think I sound non threatening and demure. That's my new angle," she quipped.

Griffin's road to recovery has come with ebbs and flows. In August, she revealed that she had been experiencing constant vomiting, almost a year after her initial operation. Following Griffin's social media disclosure, actor Rosanna Arquette suggested the comedian could be experiencing food poisoning. However, Griffin clarified that the vomiting episodes were consistent, and have been occurring "twice a month for a year now."

Despite these upsets, Griffin appears to be doing well and has even returned to poking fun at her fellow-celebrities, and sharing her opinion on political issues.