Nicki Swift Unveils Who Fans Think Is The Best Member Of The Royal Family - Exclusive Survey

September has been a pivotal month for the royal family. The death of England's longest-reigning monarch heralds significant change, as Prince Charles — the oldest heir-apparent — has stepped up to assume the throne. It has also been a time for the Windsors to present a united front at the ceremonies set in place to honor Queen Elizabeth II.

In September, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle came together to view floral tributes outside of Windsor Castle, per Town & Country. Despite reports of tension between the brothers, the unified public appearance might have shown a genuine attempt at healing their shattered relationship. King Charles III has also proven that in times of grief, it's important to put aside previous differences. In one of his first acts as king, he made a concession to Harry by allowing him to wear his military uniform one event for his grandmother, despite being stripped of the right after quitting his royal duties, according to Page Six. In his first speech as monarch, Charles also recognized both his sons' unique paths forward. "Our new Prince and Princess of Wales will, I know, continue to inspire and lead our national conversations," he said, and extended his love for Harry and Meghan "as they continue to build their lives overseas."

Both the public and the monarchy are united in their grief over the queen's passing. With the Windsors in the public eye more than ever, Nicki Swift readers have weighed in on the "best" member of the royal family.

Nicki Swift readers favor the late Queen Elizabeth II

According to a Nicki Swift poll, 32% of the 582 readers polled named Queen Elizabeth II the "best" member of the royal family. It's a fitting show of popularity, considering that Her Majesty's legacy of service and duty were unparalleled. In 2019, ABC News reported that the then-93-year-old queen did 67 public events, compared to Prince William (74) and Kate Middleton (58) the same year. Her reign lasted from the industrial age to the age of the Internet, during which time she steered Britain through the loss of its empire and into its dawn as a multicultural nation.

Behind the queen, Prince Harry achieved second place, with 22% of the vote. This is consistent with a September YouGov poll, which showed that the prince has seen an uptick in popularity, and that Britons are feeling favorably toward the prince in the wake of the queen's death. Meanwhile, 18% of readers voted Kate the "best" royal, with Meghan Markle trailing her at 17%.

Prince William received just under 10% of the vote, while King Charles III didn't crack the top five spots. Though it's well-known that both William and Charles are less popular than the queen they succeed, William in particular has taken his contribution beyond the ceremonial by championing causes like the environment and mental health. "I think the royal family has to modernize and develop as it goes along and it has to stay relevant," he said in 2016 (via Mirror).