Inside Hannah Waddingham And Juno Temple's Real-Life Friendship

Ever since "Ted Lasso" premiered on Apple TV in 2020, audiences and critics alike have fallen for its lovable characters and comforting vibes. The football show has garnered a whopping 40 Emmy nods in just two seasons, winning Outstanding Comedy Series twice in a row among other categories. One of "Ted Lasso"'s biggest selling points is its positivity — the title character is relentlessly optimistic, and his energy often rubs off on his surroundings. Co-creator and lead actor Jason Sudeikis acknowledged his character's warm nature in an interview with "60 Minutes," saying, "To play someone that was kindhearted, that didn't swear, be like Teflon towards people's negativity or sarcasm, 100% intentional."

"Ted Lasso" also boasts an impressive supporting cast. In addition to Sudeikis's own Emmy wins, co-stars Brett Goldstein and Hannah Waddingham have won for Outstanding Supporting Actor and Actress, with several others being nominated, such as Juno Temple. It's no wonder they get so much award recognition, considering the chemistry is very real: at least when it comes to "Ted Lasso's" leading ladies, they've become as inseparable as their characters. The bond between Waddingham's Rebecca Welton and Temple's Keeley Jones extends to real life, with the pair even considering each other family.

Hannah Waddingham and Juno Temple's friendship isn't just for show

On the surface, Hannah Waddingham and Juno Temple's "Ted Lasso" characters don't seem like they'd have much in common: Rebecca begins the series as a somewhat cold businesswoman, while Keeley pretty much embodies the British WAG stereotype — not to mention their 15-year age difference. However, opposites eventually attract and the duo becomes one of the show's most heartwarming friendships. The pair's evolution is aided by Waddingham and Temple's real-life relationship, which started after meeting in an interesting place: the ladies' room, shortly before the show's very first table read.

In 2021, Waddingham told Variety, "It was the most strange thing. It was just completely natural and effortless ... and it's been like that ever since, both on screen and off." Then in July 2022, Temple reiterated their friendship to The Hollywood Reporter: "It's not fake. It's real. I love her so much, and what we have is a safe place. It's so important to put out into the world that girlfriends are the most important people in your life."

The show's co-creator Bill Lawrence also spoke fondly of the women's camaraderie to Variety, saying, "It was palpable and recognizable on camera between Juno and Hannah from the start. Part of that friendship was created by the performers themselves." While the plan was always for Rebecca and Keeley to grow close, it sounds like their actors certainly sped things up.

Hannah Waddingham and Juno Temple's friendship is a fairy tale

"Ted Lasso" may be set in the real world, but its often whimsical tone carries over to Juno Temple and Hannah Waddingham's relationship. Most people could only dream of having such a great bestie, leading the dynamic duo to use an appropriate nickname for one another. In 2021, Temple told Awards Daily, "[Waddingham] feels like this extraordinary fairy godmother that came into my world and has just really, really guided me through moments and been there from the minute I met her. That's been very special."

That same year, Waddingham returned the favor by saying that her young daughter Kitty thinks of Temple in similar terms. In a sit-down chat with Temple, she said, "If I had known Juno before I had my daughter, I would have a hundred percent called her Juno. For many reasons." After Temple said, "But now she has a fairy godmother instead," Waddingham continued, "She does. A fairy godmother unicorn. Who she's obsessed with and calls Princess Juno ... obviously." Something tells us that, whenever "Ted Lasso" concludes, Waddingham and Temple will continue their life-changing friendship happily ever after.