Why Fans Think Billy Ray Cyrus Has Major Relationship News

After a tumultuous 28-year marriage to his first wife, Billy Ray Cyrus may have finally given his "achy breaky heart" to a new lady. Although his daughters may be more known for their sad love songs (Noah Cyrus's devastating "July" comes to mind), their country-crooning father has had some relationship drama of his own.

In April, Us Weekly reported that Tish Cyrus, mother of Miley and four other Cyrus kids, had filed for divorce after nearly three decades with Billy Ray. She cited "irreconcilable differences" and noted that she has not been living with her husband. The outlet also noted the fact that this is the third time the couple has started divorce proceedings, with the first filing coming from Billy Ray all the way back in 2010.

As the divorce moves forward, the Disney Channel dad has moved on with Firerose, an Australian singer with whom he collaborated in August 2021. Although the exact timeline of their relationship is unclear, Firerose shared in an interview that she first met Billy Ray on the set of "Hannah Montana" a decade prior. "[He's] been a phenomenal supporter of my music ever since," she shared. Now, new Instagram pics have some suspecting that they've taken things to the next level.

Fans spotted some serious bling in Firerose's photos

Billy Ray Cyrus seemed to make his relationship with Firerose Instagram official in late August. The pair posed for a selfie with a caption that noted, "Music changes everything." Since then, the singer — who's an estimated 33 years his junior — has been a staple on Cyrus' feed. In early September, the pair posed for photos with a parrot. Some fans were still trying to get caught up, writing, "Is she your new girlfriend??" Others, however, spotted a ring on Firerose's finger and suspected she might be even more.

Clues seem to be even more obvious on Firerose's page. She posted a series of photos set in Nashville's Music Row (above). As she sat with her hands on her lap, a sizeable ring is made clearly visible on that finger. One fan made the connection and offered their congratulations (and a couple of ring emojis). Others have noticed what appears to be an improvement in Cyrus' mood as of late. "Love you together," a fan wrote. "You look happy."