Kelly Osbourne Gets Real About Her Health Issues During Pregnancy

In May, Kelly Osbourne took to Instagram to excitedly announce her pregnancy. Osbourne, posing with a photo of her ultrasound, gushed in her caption that she was "over the moon" to be an expectant mom. "To say that I am happy does not quite cut it. I am ecstatic," she gushed. Slipknot's Sid Wilson, Kelly's boyfriend and the baby's father, shared her exuberance over the news. Sharing the same sonogram on his Instagram, Wilson also added a "family of three" emoji in his caption. Father Ozzy Osbourne also enthused about his growing family in July. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the iconic rocker confirmed that Kelly was six months along and joked that, naturally, his first gift for this grandchild will be "a microphone." 

Later in August, Kelly gave fans a sneak peek at her burgeoning baby bump, per People. On her Instagram Stories, the singer shared a window shot of her reflection, in which her rounded belly's silhouette was on full display. However, as she nears the finish line of her pregnancy, Kelly has opened up about some health complications she encountered in her third trimester.

Kelly Osbourne was diagnosed with gestational diabetes

Kelly Osbourne hopes sharing her struggle with gestational diabetes helps other expectant mothers. A condition that occurs in pregnant women when their bodies don't produce enough insulin, gestational diabetes only affects 2%-10% of pregnancies, per the CDC. Suffering symptoms such as weight gain and excessive fatigue, Osbourne told People in late September that she blamed herself initially.

Ultimately, Osbourne decided to cut out sugar from her diet. "This whole pregnancy, I've had no cravings except for sugar, which is something I've never had before," the "Shut Up" singer shared. Osbourne claims the effect was almost instantaneous. "Overall, my skin cleared up. I don't have to wear any makeup," Osbourne gushed, adding that she doesn't even need compression socks anymore, "which is unreal for pregnancy." Planning to continue her no-sugar, low-carb diet after her pregnancy, Osbourne now works alongside the No Sugar Company to raise awareness for its benefits.

Osbourne's commitment to healthiness for her baby comes as no shocker. Ever since she became sober in mid-2021, she shared on a June 2021 episode of "Red Table Talk" (via Yahoo!) that she has felt driven to start a family. "As a woman, I would have loved to be married and have children by now," she said at the time. With baby making three for her and boyfriend Sid Wilson, it sounds like Osbourne has manifested her wish!