A Complete Timeline Of Denise Richards' Relationships

Denise Richards has been one of the most desirable starlets in the game for decades now. The gorgeous actor-turned-reality star has been acting since the early 1990s, and really captured the world's attention as a sizzling hot Bond girl in the 1999 James Bond classic "The World Is Not Enough." Since then, she's enjoyed plenty of big time roles in movies like "Love Actually," before bringing the drama on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

It was on the latter where a renewed interest in Richards' personal life really came about — largely thanks to her co-star Brandi Glanville. As reality TV fans will likely already know, there was a whole lot of speculation about Richards and Glanville's relationship after it was suggested the two may supposedly have had a secret affair. Eddie Cibrian's former wife made some very bold claims about things apparently turning romantic between them, even going as far as to share details of a rumored intimate time they shared in April 2019 during a September 2020 Daily Mail interview. Glanville noted that Richards was married at the time (to Aaron Pyphers) but claimed she thought they had an open relationship. Richards has always vehemently denied the allegations though, hitting back on "RHOBH" in July 2020, "Are you f**king kidding me?"

But while that one's very much a she said/she said situation (hey, it is "Housewives," after all), we're taking a look back at who else this star has been romantically linked to.

Looking for love with Uncle Jesse

Many (many, many) years before Brandi Glanville was claiming to have gotten very (very, very) close to Denise Richards, John Stamos was the famous face she was linked to. Yep, it turns out Richards and Uncle Jesse from "Full House" had a bit of a thing, with reports claiming they first started seeing each other around 1988. That didn't last too long, but the two are thought to have hooked up again sometime around 2006.

Richards copped to the romance on "The Howard Stern Show" in 2009, revealing she'd known the actor since she was 19 and they'd gotten, erm, very intimate. When asked why they never made more of a go of things, Richards said, "I don't know. I really like him, he's a good guy. He loves kids." Only, he didn't want a relationship with someone who had kids. So that was the end of that one.

Stamos himself spoke about what went down on (where else?) "The Howard Stern Show" in 2014, per Hollywood, saying, "It really kind of was the kid situation and what she's going through. It just wasn't the right time, you know. I barely did get out of that one! She was upset." He then added, "She's a great mom and dating women with kids is tough." It seemed there was no bad blood though, as Richards even sat down with her ex for his single season talk show, "Losing It with John Stamos," the year prior.

Denise Richards' Paul Walker romance

Who knew? It turns out Denise Richards may have once had a romance with none other than the late "Fast And Furious" star Paul Walker. Rumors swirled that these two got a little romantic around 1994 when they starred alongside each other in the cult classic (it's oh-so-90s, guys) movie, "Tammy and the T-Rex," according to Who's Dated Who. Not too much is known about what actually happened during their brief dalliance, though they did get pretty close in the movie playing possibly the world's hottest love interests.

Whatever kept these two apart, though, it seemed there was no bad blood between them after they split the same year as they were purported to have gotten together. Richards was one of the many famous faces who paid tribute to Walker in the wake of his sudden death in 2013. "Shocked over the news about Paul Walker..so sad," she tweeted of her co-star and rumored ex. "My heart goes out to his family & loved ones. He was a kind beautiful soul."

The days of Patrick Muldoon's life

In a storyline worthy of his soap opera, Denise Richards is reported to have first dated "Days of Our Lives" star Patrick Muldoon in 1998, but they broke up shortly after, and then seemingly dated again in 2012, per Daily Mail. This one probably won't be news for "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" fans, though, because this romance was heavily discussed due to him also being linked to Lisa Rinna. Yikes. Viewers may remember the Season 9 episode "Eat, Drink, and Be Married" (yep, the one where Richards married Aaron Phypers) when the two discussed their mutual ex — before he actually turned up! As if that wasn't awkward enough, Dorit Kemsley only made things worse by telling Muldoon, "I have to tell you, I met Denise with Lisa Rinna and the first story I heard was that the two of them were sh***ing you at the same time." Double awks.

It seems like things are all good between this gang though, who, according to one of his tweets, first met in acting class way back when. In fact, they even have nicknames for one another! "I've known Patrick Muldoon since I was 19 years old. We call each other Schweet Babe because we had nicknames on 'Starship Troopers' for everyone," Richards said during the Season 9 "RHOBH" episode, "One Wedding and a Polygraph" (via Bustle), referring to their show together. They even reunited on screen in 2015 for "A Christmas Reunion."

Scott Baio got too candid about his sex life

Ever heard the saying don't kiss and tell? Apparently Scott Baio hasn't, so file this one under TMI. Baio was reported to be Denise Richards' next romantic interest after her '80s romance with Patrick Muldoon, and he even bragged about sleeping with her during an extremely crass 2007 radio interview with Howard Stern. During the chat, the former "Happy Days" actor ranked his conquests with the controversial radio host, giving Richards a three out of 10 in the bedroom while also bragging about his supposed romances with the likes of Pamela Anderson and Liza Minelli, per Oh No They Didn't.

However, Richards shut down Baio's bold statements about what happened between them, telling her side of the story when she sat down with Howard Stern on his radio show shortly after. Richards confirmed on "The Howard Stern Show" that she did go on a couple of dates with the "Charles in Charge" star back in the day, but said they were never seriously seeing each other and certainly never slept together. "He was never my boyfriend ... nothing," she clarified, before adding, "I never did anything sexually with him." Richards admitted she didn't know why he was making up rumors they once hooked up, but made it clear she wouldn't hide it if they had.

It's safe to say this wasn't one of the guys Richards was spotted out with again in the wake of their split.

Romancing Charlie Sheen

Of course, pretty much every celeb fanatic in the world knows about Denise Richards' notorious romance with Charlie Sheen. The two started dating in 2001 and enjoyed a whirlwind romance, with Sheen proposing to Richards mere months after their first date. They married in 2002 and welcomed their first child together (Sheen was already dad to a daughter from a previous relationship), a daughter named Sami in April 2004. The following December, People confirmed that the seemingly happy couple was expecting again. But that's where this fairytale came crashing down.

Just three months after announcing they were to become parents again, a pregnant Richards filed for divorce from Sheen. "We are deeply saddened by the recent events and out of our love and concern for our daughter Sam, our unborn child and each other, we ask that you respect our privacy during this difficult time," a statement from the two read, per People.

Following the birth of their second child, their daughter Lola, in June 2005, the two appeared to reconcile for a while, with Sheen even telling "Extra" in August 2005 (via People), "Things are a whole lot better, and I think with that [comes] hope. We're not ruling anything out." That didn't last long though, and their divorce was finalized in December 2006. A nasty custody battle ensued, with Richards speaking out on a few occasions about why her and Sheen's marriage just didn't work out.

The romance that sparked the Heather Locklear drama

Following the media firestorm that was Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen, the former didn't really do too much to get the spotlight off her. In fact, it's possible her next romance may even have brought her even more attention, as she started dating her friend Heather Locklear's former husband, Richie Sambora, in 2006, which led to a nasty feud between Locklear and Richards

There were plenty of rumors when they first got together regarding Sambora's relationship with Locklear at the time, or if they'd officially split, as he filed for divorce around the same time he was rumored to have gotten together with Richards. She always denied that speculation, though, and claimed to People in 2007 that it was actually those difficult divorces plus her mom and his dad being diagnosed with cancer that bonded them together. This romance didn't last too long, though, with People confirming they'd amicably split in April 2007 after around a year of dating.

Not so fast, though! We know Richards seems to have a bit of a thing for reuniting with exes, and this time was no different. Radar Online claimed in 2011 that the former couple had reconciled, and they seemed to be going strong for a while — but things ended for the second time in June 2012. A source claimed to Celebuzz at the time that they got into a major argument they just couldn't come back from.

Did Denise Richards really date Bradley Cooper?

What really went on between Denise Richards and Bradley Cooper? Well, for this one we're throwing it back to 2009 when the rumor mill put these two together after they were supposedly spotted together at the restaurant Il Cielo in Los Angeles, per Zimbio. But, before you get too excited, it seems like this Hollywood romance didn't last too long... if at all!

Both flat out denied they were ever in a proper relationship with one another, with Richards telling Extra, "Not true! I've had so much stuff written about me — that one I was actually kinda flattered [about]." Hey, at least she's honest! The "Friends" guest star also tweeted to deny the speculation, calling it "B.S." on Twitter in a since deleted tweet (via Extra). 

But how did the whole thing actually come about then? Well, Cooper's team had one theory about what happened to get the gossip blogs into a spin, claiming the whole thing was supposedly fabricated by a diet company who were looking for a little PR. That diet company? We have no idea. Cooper and Richards? A-List stars! So who really got the last laugh here?

Nikki Sixx's girls, girls, girls

Next up is Denise Richards' blink-and-you'll-miss-it romance with Mötley Crüe's Nikki Sixx, which was pretty much over as quickly as it began. These two started dating towards the end of 2010 and it wasn't long before Richards was making things public. In December 2010, she put it all out there by saying on "Watch What Happens Live," "We've gone on a couple dates. The God's honest truth is we're taking it very slowly." She also clarified she'd known Sixx for years because they live close to each other, teasing, "I may have borrowed some sugar from him once or twice." It didn't seem like Sixx was too bothered about his neighbor going public either, as he wrote in a since-deleted tweet (via NBC Connecticut), "I like the 'May have borrowed some sugar' line. Haha. Love the shoes."

Later that month, the two were spotted enjoying a date night, per Today, but this one wasn't built to last long. Like, seriously, not long at all. They called it off in January 2011, with a source telling Us Weekly (via Daily Mail), "It's crazy how this is being made out to be some big breakup. They were never exclusive or serious to begin with! I could count on my hand how many times they went out."

Sixx later briefly touched on the romance to Us Weekly later that year, stating, "It was such a short, short time."

How Denise Richards found true love

After years of not exactly having the best luck in the romance department (hey, we've all been there) Denise Richards finally found true love when she started dating Aaron Phypers, the former husband of former "Desperate Housewives" star Nicollette Sheridan. Describing how they met during a February 2019 episode of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," Richards got very candid, explaining (via Bustle), "I met him at his center doing DNA repair, anti-aging ... Then, one time we had sex in one of his rooms. We've been inseparable ever since." How honest!

Things really did get serious pretty quickly, with Richards even calling her man her "soulmate" in a sweet Instagram post in June 2018. Three months later, Us Weekly claimed that the couple had been secretly engaged since January 2018, meaning they'd only been dating a matter of months before he got down on one knee. That same month, wedding bells rang and People confirmed the love birds had officially tied the knot.

Richards later confirmed to The Washington Post that Phypers was in the process of adopting her youngest daughter, Eloise, and the happy couple celebrated their fourth anniversary in September. "4 yrs and many many many more to come. I can't imagine going through this journey without you by my side. I love you so much," she captioned a series of sweet photos of the two together shared to Instagram. Oh, we do love a happy ending!