What Siesta Key's Jordana Barnes Had To Say About Her Nose Job

The reality series "Siesta Key" has had everyone hooked thanks to all the crazy drama that comes from a group of young twenty-somethings living it up in their Floridian paradise. Inspired by "Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County" (yep, the show that spawned the mega-hit "The Hills"), the MTV show has given us a behind the scenes look at what life is really like for the likes of Juliette Porter, Madisson Hausburg, Brandon Gomes, and Kelsey Owens. We've also seen some brand new faces join the series over the years, including Jordana Barnes who came to shake things up for Season 4.

It's safe to say Barnes wasn't afraid to ruffle a few feathers, either. As fans know, there's been a bit of a question mark about the true nature of Barnes' friendship with her castmate Sam Logan. His now former girlfriend, Juliette Porter, always seemed a little inquisitive about their friendship as it became increasingly apparent that Barnes may have had feelings for her longtime friend. Things then exploded in July when the two were seen getting cozy in an Instagram Story shared by Mike Vazquez, which was taken during Logan's birthday party and re-posted by @mtv_reality_teaa.

But when she's not making headlines for keeping us guessing about her relationship with Logan, Barnes is making noise for her changing appearance and sassy clap backs. The star's been open about her plastic surgery journey — but didn't take too well to fans calling her out for going under the knife.

Jordana Barnes clapped back at fans who mentioned her nose job

Jordana Barnes was pretty open with "Siesta Key" fans about getting a nose job, even sharing updates with her followers on Instagram. In May, the reality star shared she'd altered her appearance in a series of Instagram Stories posts, defending her surgery. In the first upload, she shared a selfie that showed a large band-aid on her nose alongside the caption, "I'd like to see my nose already" (via Monsters & Critics).

After seemingly receiving a few messages about her new look, she followed up with a message that claimed her nose was still swollen before going all out on those who felt the need to comment on her appearance. "I don't appreciate messages telling me how perfect my nose was already, my face my choice isn't that cool? I'm 30 years old and finally had the courage to do what I've wanted since I was 16," she hit back, adding that she chose to have the surgery after experiencing problems with her breathing. Barnes noted that she would still keep updating fans on her surgery while also sharing a message of thanks for those who had supported her.

That wasn't the only time Barnes clapped back thanks to her surgery, though. The reality star shared a few sassy tweets with her followers about "Siesta Key" in late April and jokingly tweeted, "Also guys I just got my nose done today so [I'm] tweeting on meds."

Jordana Barnes proudly showed off her new nose

For a while, Jordana Barnes appeared to refrain from posting shots of her face on Instagram in the wake of her surgery as her nose healed, instead opting for a few very creative shots that showed the side of her face or the back of her head. A time-lapse video posted by the reality star and artist on April 30 showed her painting a stunning lily pad scene, while an image shared the following month showed her working on a piece of art with her back to the camera.

But it wasn't too long before Barnes was able to proudly show off her new look to her more than 116,000 followers, and she proudly posted her first post-surgery photo of herself in June when she wowed fans with this gorgeous bikini snap. "Looking great girl!!!" one fan commented on the upload with several fire emoji, while another Instagram user commented in all caps, "YOU ARE KINDA PERFECT" with two praising hand emoji. Since then, she's posted a number of gorgeous photos of herself showing her entire face, including this one showing her standing in front of a painting that inspired her co-star Madisson Hausburg to comment, "I'm obsessed with you."

One thing's for sure, both before and after cosmetic surgery, Jordana Barnes is seriously stunning!