The Real Reason The Siesta Key Cast Went To A Private Island For Season 4 - Exclusive

Everyone keeping up with Season 4 of MTV's "Siesta Key" will know that the cast decides to leave their usual Florida spot in favor of a private island instead. Teasers and trailers for the new season promise drama aplenty, and it seems that going on vacation as a group majorly contributed to some seriously tumultuous storylines. "A lot of stuff happened," "Siesta Key" star Juliette Porter told Nicki Swift. "You're going to have to watch on Wednesdays because when we went to that island we thought that everything was going to be all fine and dandy and it ended up being kind of a mess." However, Juliette's co-star, Chloe Trautman was quick to point out, "Not everyone thought it was going to be fine and dandy." Clearly, there was a lot of trouble in paradise right from the start.

Nicki Swift caught up with "Siesta Key" stalwarts Juliette Porter and Chloe Trautman to find out why the cast traveled to a private island for Season 4 of MTV's reality hit.

The pandemic played a big role in Season 4 of 'Siesta Key'

"Siesta Key" fans might have wondered why the cast traveled to a private island for some of Season 4, but the reason is actually pretty understandable; it's tied to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. "First of all, the only way we could film the show during the pandemic is to make sure that we kept up with all the proper safety precautions. We were constantly being tested, constantly wearing masks. All of the above," Juliette Porter told Nicki Swift. "We fogged the house, which I didn't even know what that was before, but we would fog where we would go. It'd be this, like, spray to disinfect everything." 

Eventually, though, the series opted for an even more secluded location. "And on top of that, halfway through the season, we basically took the whole cast, except for some people, to an island in the Grenadines, it was called Palm Island," Juliette revealed. "And there we were all tested. Even though we were on a private island, we were still constantly tested. So it was difficult, but we're so happy we had the opportunity to be able to film during this pandemic. And we're very happy." To be honest, traveling to a private island seems like a pretty great way to maintain safety during the pandemic.

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