Siesta Key's Juliette And Chloe's Blunt Thoughts On Pauly Revealed - Exclusive

MTV's "Siesta Key" is back for its fourth season, and the new episodes promise a plethora of drama for fans — and for the cast. But as fans of the show will know, following some major drama during Season 3, several cast members parted ways with the series, and that seems to include Paul Apostolides, better known as Pauly Paul

On "Siesta Key," Pauly was best known as Alex Kompothecras' wayward cousin, who often drank too much and, on more than one occasion, got himself in trouble with the law. Despite attempting to pursue a rapping career and showcasing his performance skills on "Siesta Key," Pauly only seems to have drawn more negative attention since parting ways with the show.

Nicki Swift sat down with original "Siesta Key" cast members Chloe Trautman and Juliette Porter to get the gossip on Season 4 of the reality show and to find out whether or not they keep in touch with Alex's cousin, Pauly Paul, since he left the series.

Pauly Paul has burned some bridges

While Paul "Pauly" Apostolides was once a somewhat comedic presence on "Siesta Key," it seems that there's little love lost between the rapper and his former cast mates. When asked about Alex Kompothecras' cousin, Juliette Porter told Nicki Swift, "We don't care about Paul. Yeah." Fellow cast member Chloe Trautman revealed, "I think Paul is a liability and anyone that associates with him is not placing themselves in a very smart situation." Chloe is likely referring to Pauly's recent controversial behavior, which has allegedly included appearing on Instagram Live while taking drugs and conducting potentially inappropriate conversations on social media.

As for the way that Pauly treated his "Siesta Key" co-stars, Juliette explained, "He's said rude things to everyone. I mean, he posted on his Instagram that I had said that I wished horrible things upon Alex's unborn child. He just makes things up in thin air." Finally, Chloe said of Pauly, "He's a lost soul and pray for him, but no one needs to be around him." Basically, it doesn't sound as though the rapper will be appearing on "Siesta Key" again anytime soon.

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