Bridget Jones Star Explains Why Hugh Grant Refuses To Speak To Her Now

Hugh Grant might not be making the same controversial headlines that he made back in the early to mid-90s, but he's still someone who has to defend his marriage amid some pretty harsh rumors. Back in June 2021, he references a Nicki Swift article that detailed the truth about his wife Anna Eberstein and said that there was no truth to the speculation that suggested he married her due to passport reasons. He tweeted, "No I didn't @Internet. I married her because I love her."

That said, anyone who has been paying attention to the actor's Twitter account knows that he's not very shy about voicing his opinions, whether it's about parking apps, as he wrote back on September 15th, "Dear @RingGo_parking, why are you now so useless? Your crApp never works." That, or when he offers his thoughts on the state of British political affairs. He wrote on July 7th, "Dear World, You may be wondering what happens next in terms of the British constitution. The answer is that 3 newspaper owners – all of whom are non domiciled in the UK for tax purposes – get together and choose our next Prime Minister or Poodle.' The Queen then anoints them."

But if there's one thing that he doesn't talk about very much anymore, it's his experience working on the "Bridget Jones" films. Yet, he might have something to say after one of his former co-stars admitted that he stopped talking to her.

Sally Phillips says Hugh Grant refuses to speak to her

Many film buffs might not be able to put her face to a name, but they certainly do remember Sally Phillips from her roles in films such as "Bridget Jones Diary," and its follow-ups, "Bridget Jones Diary: The Edge of Reason," and "Bridget Jones's Baby," according to her IMDb page. 

As many fans know, Renee Zellweger, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth starred in the "Bridget Jones" films. Phillips says that it was during the filming of "The Edge of Reason" that Grant stopped talking to her. While on the "Richard Herring Leicester Square Theatre Podcast," Phillips says that she became so drunk that Grant began to distance himself from her, for in fear that she might do or say something that might end up in the tabloids. Phillips said, via the Daily Mail, "Hugh Grant doesn't talk to me, 'cause I got very drunk in Thailand and was very indiscreet, and then he became afraid of my giant mouth. I lost my flip-flops in the sea and I was sick in the guitar bar's sand toilet. Now he doesn't talk to me except on set... which is completely fair enough."

Then again, Phillips is talking about the same Grant that bought a $2 million Andy Warhol painting after he had too many drinks himself, per The Guardian. It seems like some mistakes he just doesn't want to make twice.