Kim Kardashian Reportedly Takes New Safety Measures After Kanye West's Compromising Posts

Kanye "Ye" West and Kim Kardashian may no longer be romantically involved, but they still have to co-parent their four children, which they seemingly haven't been able to see eye-to-eye on. As a result, West has been keeping up his increasingly toxic social media antics as he's been very focused on his children pursuing a specific type of education despite the fact that Kardashian is not in agreement. The rapper created a unaccredited school, Donda Academy, in Simi Valley, California, according to Page Six, which reportedly balances worship, education, and the arts, but parents of students must sign non-disclosure agreements, so there has been some mystery surrounding the school.

During an interview on GMA, West explained that he "absolutely" wants his children to attend Donda Academy. He said, "I want my kids to go to Donda and I have to fight for a say-so because they're just programmed. It's just like, 'Hey, all the kids are going to Sierra Canyon.' No," via TooFab. He added, "I'm their dad. It has to be co-parenting. It's not up to only the woman."

The rapper is known for exploiting his private conversations with Kardashian as well as others on social media, specifically Instagram, which has caused his account to now be restricted, per CNN. In one of his most recent rants, he revealed the name of the private school his children attend, which led to Kim K taking extra safety precautions to protect their kids.

Kim Kardashian is making sure her children are protected

Kanye West has revealed the name of the school his children attend on Instagram and now, Kim Kardashian is taking new measures to make sure her children remain safe after her ex-husband caused a heightened security risk. The rapper is doing everything in his power to have his four children become enrolled at Donda Academy, even if it means causing a war online and publicly fighting with his ex-wife.

Now, the school has hired extra security as a precaution and Kardashian is reportedly paying for it, according to TMZ. In a recent interview with Tucker Carlson, West made it clear that he is not willing to compromise about his children's education and will continue to fight until he gets what he wants. He said, "Right now we've come to a compromise — but I'm not finished because I don't compromise — but we've come to a compromise that my kids come to my school after school and they learn choir" via Page Six.

After West's recently made anti-Semitic remarks on Instagram, resulting in his account being restricted, he turned to Twitter to continue his rants, per the Daily Mail. It doesn't appear that Kardashian is going to budge anytime soon and enroll their children at Donda Academy, but West will most likely not be giving up this fight anytime soon either.