Joseph Baena Jokes About His New Link To Dad Arnold Schwarzenegger

The October 10 episode of "Dancing With the Stars" was a fun Disney-themed night, with many touching stories to help the dancers relate to the iconic Disney characters they were portraying. For example, Jordin Sparks' 4-year-old son DJ was in the audience for the first time. "I might break down ..." she told Hollywood Life. "But they will be happy tears for sure, not sad." The singer danced to "Remember Me" from "Coco," a song that she sings to her son at night.

Wayne Brady had an emotional moment onstage, as his jazz routine to "Wait For It" from "Hamilton" brought him to tears as well as to the top of the leaderboard again. In 2017, the television personality told The Hollywood Reporter that he can relate to Aaron Burr — whom he played in the show on Broadway. "I felt I could feel his pain/glory in the sense of he was great at his job, but he was overshadowed by [Alexander] Hamilton because he wasn't as flashy as Hamilton," he said.

Even Shangela got to have a touching moment with Jenifer Lewis. The drag queen lived in the "Princess and the Frog" actor's basement for years, and the two got to share the stage as Shangela danced the Charleston to the actor's live performance of the iconic song "Dig a Little Deeper." Joseph Baena also had a connection to his father, Arnold Schwarzenegger, which made the night meaningful to him.

Joseph Baena and Arnold Schwarzenegger bond over Hercules

Fitness model Joseph Baena is known for being the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger, but now he's making a name for himself on "Dancing With the Stars." In fact, he revealed that he has surprised his father with his dancing. "He's watched the past three dances and he keeps saying, every week, he's like 'Jesus Christ, I can't even believe that you can move like that!'" Baena told ET. "Because our family's not known for dancing, especially on my dad's side."

The bodybuilder's biological mother is Mildred Patricia Baena, who was Schwarzenegger's housekeeper with whom he had an affair. Joseph opened up on the "UNWAXED" podcast in January about his relationship with his father. He mentioned that it "took a little while" to form a bond with Schwarzenegger, but now they are very close and they "can talk about anything."

Now, the fitness model has a fun new connection to his father, as he portrayed the character of Hercules in the October 10 episode of "Dancing With the Stars." Schwarzenegger's acting debut was "Hercules in New York," so it was a special moment for the father and son. "The fact that he played that movie, it was just so fun to get that connection," Joseph told Page Six. "We talked about it, we laughed about it."