Brendan Fraser Once Again Gets Emotional Over Support Of His Hollywood Comeback

Hollywood can be a cut throat place that chews actors up and spits them out, never to be seen (or admired) by the public again. And while that's a fate that many actors have succumbed to, every now and then a beloved actor of yesteryear makes a comeback that makes us believe in second chances and the power of not giving up. No actor evokes that feeling more than Brendan Fraser, who rose to fame in the '90s and had a decade-long run in Hollywood, starring and appearing in project — such as "George of the Jungle," "Encino Man," and "The Mummy" — that put his good looks and comedic chops on display per IMDb. And while Fraser has consistently added new acting/voice credits to his resume, by the early 2000s, his starring roles started to thin out for recurring guests spots on less mainstream projects. 

In 2018, years after leaving his leading man status behind, Fraser revealed that, among other hardships such as injuries sustained from his time as an action star, it was the alleged 2003 sexual assault at the hands of former Hollywood Foreign Press President Philip Berk that ultimately knocked him off his career track, per GQ. Now, Fraser is enjoying a career resurgence, thanks to his starring role in "The Whale,"  garnering support from not just critics, but longtime fans as well. And just one month after his emotional reaction to a standing ovation at TIFF pulled at everyone's heartstrings, Fraser is again showing his gratitude. 

Brendan Fraser gets another emotional standing ovation

After a strong start in Hollywood, Brendan Fraser's life took a tragic turn. However, the actor has received glowing reviews from critics since "The Whale" hit various film festivals — starting first with The Venice Film Festival in September. The promo tour for "The Whale," which is slated for a December theater release, recently took Fraser to London. And just like at the Toronto Film Festival, the audience gave Fraser a standing ovation that inspired a sweet, emotional response from the actor. During the video, as credits for The Whale" rolled in the background, Fraser can be seen on stage taking in the excited praise and applause from the audience. After a few moments, he walks over to Aronofsky, who directed the film, and Samuel D. Hunter, who wrote the screenplay, and embraced each man. Then, in a true act of grace, Fraser pointed to his collaborators and directed the fan admiration their way.

Prior to the release of "The Whale," in 2021, Fraser also got quite emotional when, while participating in a TikTok meet-and-greet, a fan brought his widespread fan support to his attention. "The internet is so behind you, we're so supportive," shared the TikTok user, adding, "There are so many people out there who love you, and we're rooting for you, and we can't wait to see what you do next." After taking a moment to catch a drink of water, Fraser gleefully replied, "Shucks, ma'am."