Emma Watson Delivers A Touching Tribute To Robbie Coltrane

Emma Watson has joined the legion of supporters who have taken to social media to share tributes to the late actor Robbie Coltrane following his death on October 14. In a statement shared with the BBC, Coltrane's agent, Belinda Wright, revealed that the Scottish entertainer died at 72 years old. Coltrane rose to fame as the star of the British drama series, "Cracker," where he played a criminal psychologist. However, Coltrane's role as Rubeus Hagrid in the "Harry Potter" franchise helped catapult him into worldwide superstardom. The actor starred as Hagrid in eight films ranging from 2001 to 2011.

In the wake of Coltrane's death, "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling shared a touching tribute to the actor on Twitter. "I'll never know anyone remotely like Robbie again," she tweeted. "He was an incredible talent, a complete one-off, and I was beyond fortunate to know him, work with him and laugh my head off with him." Rowling isn't alone in her grief, as Emma Watson has also spoken out about her experiences with the beloved actor.

Emma Watson says Robbie Coltrane was like an uncle to her

Emma Watson starred alongside Robbie Coltrane in all eight "Harry Potter" films. Watson was only 10 years old when they began filming the franchise, which ended when she was 21. During that time, Watson seemingly built a strong relationship with Coltrane, who she said was like an uncle to her.

"Robbie was like the most fun uncle I've ever had but most of all he was deeply caring and compassionate towards me as a child and an adult," Watson wrote on her Instagram Story (via Glamour). "His talent was so immense it made sense he played a giant — he could fill ANY space with his brilliance," she said. The "Beauty and the Beast" star continued by expressing how much she loved and adored the late actor, who she said made the entire "Harry Potter" crew feel like family. She finished by praising Coltrane's performance as the fictional half-giant, half-human gatekeeper, saying, "There was no better Hagrid. You made it a joy to be Hermione."

 Matthew Lewis and Daniel Radcliffe have also shared tributes to the late entertainer, in addition to many others from the popular franchise.