Ciara Miller Holds Nothing Back About Austen Kroll At BravoCon 2022

Ciara Miller's relationship with Austen Kroll has been intense — to say the least. The pair were involved in one of "Summer House's" messiest love triangles, as Kroll has a flirty relationship with co-star Lindsay Hubbard. The drama came to a boil during Season 6 of the Bravo series, when Kroll made out with Miller's roommate Hubbard during her birthday party. Miller — having formed a romance with Kroll during Season 1 of "Winter House" – confronted the reality star, who had a snarky remark about his actions.

"Lindsay and I will probably kiss each other on the mouth for the next f***ing 25 years, and nothing's going to change that," Kroll exclaimed (via Us Weekly). Miller also attempted to speak with Hubbard about the quarrel, but was unsuccessful. Things got even messier during the "Summer House" reunion, when Miller revealed that she and Kroll hooked up following the taping of Season 6.

Miller has now further spoken out about her relationship with Kroll, making a stark declaration during an appearance at BravoCon 2022.

Ciara Miller says her relationship with Austen Kroll is 'dead'

Austen Kroll recently provided fans with his own version of events surrounding his post-"Summer House" hookup with Ciara Miller, which was exposed during last season's reunion show. "I had met Ciara in Vermont. I spent time with her in the Hamptons this past summer," Kroll said on an August 18 episode of "Southern Charm." "She was in Charleston. We ended up going out and one thing led to another."

However, Miller — who is currently attending the annual BravoCon event, has made it clear that the couple's relationship is officially over. Miller confirmed that she ran into Kroll during the weekend-long event but emphasized that their romance is "dead and gone," according to a reporter from The List. She added, "I think we put the nail in that coffin and it's underground."

And while Kroll has yet to dish on the status of his relationship with Miller, the reality star did spill juicy details about one of his sexual encounters while participating in the Right the Relationship panel on October 14. According to The List, Kroll revealed that the strangest place he ever had sex was in a luxury porta-potty. He even suggested that his partner during the spicy ordeal was his co-star, Madison LeCroy.