Tom Brady Spells Out Where His Loyalties Lie Amid Reported Gisele Bündchen Marriage Drama

Many fans would agree that Tom Brady carries a lot of weight on his shoulders. It's not easy being considered the greatest of all time, which is probably why Brady keeps changing his mind about how he wants to end his career. He's also a family man who is married to arguably one of the most beautiful women in the world: supermodel Gisele Bündchen. Reportedly, there's been pressure on Brady to do something to help save his marriage before it's too late. "Gisele is waiting for Tom to make a big gesture of support to her," one source close to the situation told Us Weekly after reports indicated that the Brazilian beauty had already hired a divorce lawyer. 

And while Brady has proven time and time again that his love for Bündchen has remained strong over the years, the model has supposedly had enough with his long-standing commitment to his career. Back in 2017, Brady even said, "If it was up to my wife, she would have me retire today," according to Inside Edition.

That said, it looks like Brady has once again spelled out where his loyalties lie, as reports continue to hint that he and Bündchen are totally headed towards splitsville.

Tom Brady wants to remain authentic to himself

During his SiriusXM podcast, "Let's Go! With Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray," Brady is making it pretty clear that he's focusing one just one thing these days, and that's himself. The father of three hinted that he's putting his own priorities ahead of others, saying, "You can really only be authentic to yourself." Brady then went on to describe how a typical NFL season almost feels like getting deployed by the military. "Whenever you may say, 'Oh man, I want to make sure I spend a little more time doing this,' your competitiveness takes over," he explained. "And as much as you want to have this playful balance with the work balance, you're going to end up doing exactly what you've always done."

Meanwhile, Gisele Bündchen is doing her own thing. TMZ spotted her hanging out with her daughter, Vivian, and getting some much-needed healing sessions in between all of her trips to her divorce lawyer's office. Interestingly enough, Bündchen also hinted in a September interview with Elle that she's looking to put the spotlight back on herself after dedicating the last few years to her family. She said, "I feel very fulfilled, as a mother and as a wife. And now it's going to be my turn." One can only wonder what Brady has to say about that.