Billy Ray Cyrus Proves His Love Is The Real Deal With Firerose's Engagement Ring - Exclusive

No sooner did we recover from the knowledge that Billy Ray Cyrus had divorced his wife of 28 years, Tish Cyrus, than we learned that the country music singer and father of Miley Cyrus is apparently engaged again. Billy Ray collaborated with up-and-coming country music artist Firerose on the single "New Day" back in 2021, though they'd apparently known each other for years. Firerose describes Billy Ray as her "longtime pal and mentor" on her official website, and she told Ryan Seacrest in an interview that they first met over 10 years ago on the set of "Hannah Montana" (via YouTube).

The fact that these two were dating became clear as soon as they started making almost daily appearances on one another's Instagram grids. Then, on October 18, they jointly posted a series of selfies in which Firerose is wearing an absolutely gargantuan engagement ring. Sure, this relationship seems to have moved pretty fast, but if love can be expressed in carats, Cyrus is showing a whole lot of love. 

Just ask engagement ring expert Zack Stone — which we did. 

The engagement ring is 'romantic'

Judging from the photos posted to Instagram, Zack Stone of U.K. retailer Steven Stone says Billy Ray Cyrus chose a particularly "romantic" style of engagement ring for his bride-to-be. "Billy Ray's choice of a round cut diamond is a particularly romantic one are they're believed to signal everlasting love and eternity," Stone told Nicki Swift. Beyond being spectacular design-wise, Stone says the ring was also a thoroughly thoughtful choice. "Whilst the ring's design doesn't appear to communicate anything about Firerose or Billy Ray's personal style, the choice of a thin band suggests that the singer put a lot of thought into Firerose's career as a musician, as thin bands maintain durability," the jewelry expert explains. 

While Stone tells us the ring's carat size and quality is the very best, we can't tell you much personal information about Firerose herself (and trust us, we've looked) other than that she's an Australian artist who is now based in Los Angeles, and her new fiancé has nothing but praise for her. In an interview promoting "New Day," Cyrus told iHeartRadio, "She's a really super talented human being, and persistent."