What's The Real Meaning Of Snow On The Beach Feat. Lana Del Rey By Taylor Swift? Here's What We Think

Music fans, rejoice! Taylor Swift's highly-anticipated new album "Midnights" is finally out, and suddenly the world is all right again. The Grammy-winning artist first announced the release of "Midnights" in late August 2022, describing the record as a collection of stories of "13 sleepless nights scattered throughout my life." She added, "This is a collection of music written in the middle of the night, a journey through terrors and sweet dreams," when talking about her 10th studio album. "The floors we pace and the demons we face. For all of us who have tossed and turned and decided to keep the lanterns lit and go searching — hoping that just maybe, when the clock strikes twelve ... we'll meet ourselves," she wrote. 

"Midnights" is composed of 13 tracks, including "Snow on the Beach" in collaboration with indie artist Lana Del ReyIn an Instagram video, Swift shared her gratitude for the mash-up, saying she's a massive fan of the "Young and Beautiful" singer." Swift said, "Lana Del Rey in my opinion is one of the best musical artists ever." She added, "The fact that I get to exist at the same time as her is an honor and a privilege. And the fact that she would be so generous as to collaborate with us on this song is something I'm going to be grateful for for life."

So, what does "Snow on the Beach" by Swift and Del Rey really mean?

'Snow on the Beach' is about the magic of falling in love

"Snow on the Beach," the fourth track on Taylor Swift's album "Midnights," is about the experience of falling in love with someone who reciprocates your feelings. It captures the "cataclysmic, fated moment where you realize someone feels exactly the same way that you feel," as explained by Swift in an Instagram video ahead of the album drop on October 21. "And you kind of looking around, going, 'Wait is this real? Is this a dream? Is this for real?" she said. "Kind of like if you were to see snow falling on the beach."

In "Snow on the Beach," Swift and Lana Del Rey sing (via Genius): "It's like snow at the beach / Weird but f***ing beautiful / Flying in a dream /Stars by the pocketful / You wanting me / Tonight feels impossible / But it's comin' down." In the song's second verse, the two compare the magical feeling of falling in love to being in a movie scene. "This scene feels like what I once saw on a screen / I searched aurora borealis green / I've never seen someone live from within." Interestingly, the track also includes an apparent reference to Janet Jackson's 2001 hit "All For You" via the line, "I'm all for you like Janet" in the song's bridge. 

Notably, "Snow on the Beach" is the only collaboration song on "Midnights." The track was produced by Jack Antonoff, who is a frequent and longtime collaborator of the two acclaimed artists.