Kathy Hilton Makes The Terms Of Her RHOBH Return Crystal Clear

Kathy Hilton has a condition when it comes to if she'll ever return to "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." Well, two conditions, actually. As reality TV fans will know, Hilton, the sister of longtime cast member Kylie Richards, has long been a stalwart on the Bravo show, first popping up in several seasons as a guest, before then being upgraded to a Friend role for Seasons 11 and 12.

Hilton had a fairly big storyline in Season 12 as tensions between her and Richards totally boiled over, with some particularly tense moments going down between the two sisters during a cast trip to Richards' home in Aspen, per People. That later led to plenty of speculation about exactly where Hilton stood with the show following Season 12, and she suggested "RHOBH" should get a few fresh faces in for Season 13 when asked if she'd return. "I don't ever like to say what other people should be. I just think that you need to mix things up a little bit," she told Us Weekly on October 14.

So, is Hilton willing to return to Season 13? Well, that would be a bit of a yes with a bit of a no at the same time.

Kathy Hilton won't return to RHOBH alongside Lisa Rinna or Erika Jayne

Sorry, Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne (aka Erika Girardi) but it looks like it's Kathy Hilton or you. Hilton opened up about the only way she'd consider inviting the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" cameras back into her life for another season, admitting she'd only let the cameras roll if neither Rinna (who felt Denise Richards' wrath for her behavior) nor Jayne were on the show. "I had said that I would only be willing to come back if the cast [changed]. If it was completely the same, absolutely not. Because I feel they are two bullies that intimidate a lot of the other girls," she explained to TMZ. She then went on to claim that she didn't feel the rest of the cast were able to be themselves because of the duo.

Hilton shared a similar sentiment to Us Weekly a few days before TMZ's paparazzi caught up with her, telling the outlet at BravoCon when asked if she'll be back for Season 13, "If it's the same exact cast? Absolutely not. But I'm just a 'Friend,' so it doesn't matter." That came after rumors began to swirl as far back as March that Hilton may not be back for more, with Real Housewives News speculating at the time that the trip to Aspen was supposedly the last straw for the reality star.