Bethenny Frankel Says She's Wiping Her Hands Clean Of The Kardashians

Just a few months after Kim Kardashian lamented to Variety that "no one wants to work these days," Bethenny Frankel has declared that covering the Kardashians will no longer be a part of her job.

Frankel is an American businesswoman who operates in many of the same spaces as the famous sisters. According to her website, she sells supplements, eyewear, and even jeans. Her Instagram commands a following of nearly three million, and she recently joined the mass influencer migration to podcasting. Fans can tune into "Just B with Bethenny Frankel" to hear the CEO's many opinions on business and pop culture.

Until recently, scathing opinions about the Kardashian crew were a staple of Frankel's brand. She spoke to TMZ about how the Kardashian's affinity for photoshop "irresponsible," "reckless," and "destructive." She also seemed to agree with fans who booed Kim at a Rams football game, tweeting, "Football is not the superficial land of fashion." Despite her previous commentary on the family, however, Frankel has now declared that she's done keeping up.

Bethenny Frankel's podcast has banned the K word

After many months espousing the Kardashians' supposed toxicity, Bethenny Frankel seems to have taken her own message to heart — and is swearing them off for good. In an October 21 clip titled "The K Word," Frankel refused to mention a single sister by name ... but the implication was clear. "The family, and ex of a family that I used to discuss a lot on here ... I am not discussing because I am on a cleanse," she declared. "I am not feeding any beasts that I do not want to grow."

She went on to say that she wouldn't be following anything too filtered, as she believes these images can be harmful. "I already feel lighter and brighter," she quipped. Though it's unclear how long the cleanse will last, she appears to be sticking to her word so far. She took to TikTok with a fresh-faced, "woke up like this" look to solicit advice on silk pajamas — a sharp departure from her typical content.