Jodie Sweetin Gets Candid On Bittersweet Full House Anniversary Without Bob Saget

35 years?! Have mercy!

On September 22 the cast of "Full House" celebrated the 35th anniversary of the popular sitcom's inaugural episode. "35 years ago my life changed for the better, " actor Candace Cameron Bure penned in a nostalgic Instagram post complete with five throwback photos of her and the rest of the cast back in their heyday. Meanwhile, actor and stand-up comedian Dave Coulier famous for his role as the goofy albeit lovable "Joey Gladstone" also reminisced on the special day. "We had no idea 35 years ago today, that we were part of something that would change our lives forever," he penned on his Instagram stories along with various photos of the cast (via Today). "Thank you, fans. We love you for being a part of our Full House family."

Sadly, this year's milestone proved to be a bittersweet one following the tragic death of Bob Saget and the gaping hole he left in his wake — just ask "Full House" star Jodie Sweetin...

Jodie Sweetin takes comfort in knowing that Bob Saget celebrated the milestone with the cast

Newlywed Jodie Sweetin was still coming down off her post-wedding high to Mescal Wasilewski when she opened up about celebrating the 35th anniversary of "Full House" sans the show's beloved Bob Saget.

"Thirty-five is a big one," she gushed about the milestone to ET on October 25. "And whenever I think about 35 years I'm like, I've been alive longer than 35 years, which is terrifying," she playfully added. Still, she was adamant that this year's anniversary proved to be "a little bittersweet." According to Sweetin, the cast who views each other more like "extended family" love celebrating the milestone every year. "We definitely, definitely missed Bob, but we know he was with us," she said. "He's always right in the middle. He would never not be the center of attention, I love it."

But that's not all. On the day of the actual anniversary, Sweetin took to her Instagram to commemorate the special day and even credited Saget for bringing all of the cast together in the first place. "It's a bittersweet moment today, thinking of Bob... but I know we all wouldn't have been the family we were if it weren't for him," she penned in the sentimental post along with several throwback photos. RIP Bob Saget.