Hailey Bieber Chimes In On Kanye West's Controversy After Getting Caught In His Crosshairs

Kanye "Ye" West seems perfectly fine with making enemies these days. After supermodels Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) defended Vogue editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson against Ye's social media attacks, the rapper labeled Hadid a "privileged Karen" and went on a tirade against the latter. After Hailey, wife to Ye's longtime friend, Justin Bieber, proclaimed in an October 4 Instagram Story, per Us Weekly, "GKJ ALL DAY, EVERYDAY," Ye fired back in an Instagram post, sarcastically asking, "Wait Am I canceled again??? Justin please let me know." Unsurprisingly, all Ye Instagram posts mentioned just now and subsequently have since been deleted.

In a separate Instagram post, Ye attacked Hailey more directly, accusing her of having had a nose job. "They want corny ass Gigi Hadid and nose job Hailey Baldloose to rally behind an obvious Corey Gamble level nonfashion industry plant," Ye snarked, via Page Six. Furthermore, the "Donda" rapper drudged up an old article detailing Hailey's supposed fling with rapper Drake in another post, addressing Justin directly, "Get your girl before I get mad. You spose to be my friend right." Apparently, Justin felt differently, as sources told TMZ on October 8 that the couple collectively decided to sever ties with Ye.

This was all before Ye's more recent string of anti-Semitic comments, which caused him corporate sponsorships and his social media accounts. Hailey, once again, didn't stay silent on the rapper's latest round of inflammatory rhetoric. 

Hailey Bieber publicly condemns Kanye West's anti-Semiticism

In an October 25 Instagram Story, Hailey Bieber condemned Kanye "Ye" West's recent anti-Semitic remarks. Without naming the rapper, Bieber wrote, via Page Six, "You cannot believe in God and be anti-Semitic. You cannot love God and support or condone hate speech. To love God is to love people. ALL people." Bieber also stated in a follow-up Story, "I support my friends and the Jewish people." 

Ye's refusal to retract or apologize for his anti-Semitic sentiments has been puzzling to many. On October 9, Ye's Twitter account was locked after tweeting that he was about to go "death con 3 on Jewish people," per Forbes. In a censored portion of his October 7 interview with Tucker Carlson, the Yeezy designer is also shown saying that Planned Parenthood was founded to "control the Jew population." After Ye appeared unapologetic during subsequent interviews with Chris Cuomo and Piers Morgan, the corporate fallout began. As to date, he has lost professional relationships with Adidas, Balenciaga, and Vogue.