Adele Has Big Life Plans After Her Las Vegas Residency

Adele's highly anticipated Las Vegas residency, "Weekends With Adele," is slated to start in November, but the road to get there has not been easy. Adele's residency was originally supposed to kick off on January 20. However, just one day prior, the singer announced that she couldn't go forward with the shows. "I'm so sorry, but my show ain't ready," Adele said in a teary-eyed video to her fans. "We've tried absolutely everything we can to put it together in time, and for it to be good enough for you, but we've been absolutely destroyed by delivery delays and COVID." Adele shared, noting that "half of her team" had contracted COVID-19. 

Needless to say, Caesar's Palace, which is hosting the residency, wasn't pleased. According to TMZ, sources who worked in Caesar's Palace claimed that not only were the executives "shocked" by Adele's decision to postpone the show, but they also refuted her claims that COVID and production delays were to blame. Instead, they claimed Adele was "unhappy" with her stage setup, along with other various aspects of the show. There were also rumors floating about that the singer's alleged relationship issues with boyfriend Rich Paul contributed to the show's cancellation, per Page Six

In any case, Adele's fans are just weeks away from being able to spend their weekends (and hard-earned money) with her. However, the Academy Award-winner recently announced some plans about her future, post-residency, that are just as exciting. 

Adele plans to go back to school

Adele has earned more success than the average person (or let's be honest, celebrity) could ever hope to achieve. However, record-breaking albums, awards, and millions in the bank just aren't enough for the songstress. Adele also wants to enrich her mind, which is why, once she's done with her Las Vegas residency, she plans to go back to school. "After Vegas I really want to get a degree in English Literature," Adele shared during a fan Q&A with The Sun. "If I hadn't made it in my singing, I think I would definitely be a teacher. I think I'd be an English Lit teacher." 

Referencing her songwriting skills, Adele shared that she believes her profession allows her to use her "passion of English lit." And though Adele wishes she "had gone to university," she's going to take online classes and use a tutor. This isn't the first time that Adele expressed her desire to be a teacher. In 2021, the singer participated in Vogue's "73 Questions" series and shared that, "I really want it to be an English teacher before all."