How Christina Applegate Is Getting Ready For First Event After Her MS Diagnosis

In August 2021, Christina Applegate revealed that she had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a few months prior. With MS being a potentially disabling disease of the central nervous system, Applegate reassured fans on Twitter at the time, "I have been so supported by people that I know who also have this condition. It's been a tough road. But as we all know, the road keeps going." Three months later, on her 50th birthday, Applegate tweeted that although she was unfortunately spending it "on [her] pillow," she remained resilient. "Many are hurting today, and I am thinking of you. May we find that strength to lift our heads up," Applegate wrote in solidarity.

Applegate has had her share of run-ins with potentially life-endangering diseases over the years. In 2008, after being diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer, she underwent a double mastectomy, per Self. Then, in 2017, she also had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed to prevent ovarian cancer, a congenital disease in her family. "My cousin passed away from ovarian cancer in 2008," Applegate shared on the "Today" show about her preventative measures. "I could prevent that. That's how I've taken control of everything," she added at the time.

With fellow MS-afflicted star Selma Blair appearing on "Dancing with the Stars" in September, it has been proven possible to live with MS in the public eye. Applegate will soon be putting that to the test, recently revealing how she's readying herself for her first outing since her diagnosis.

Christina Applegate is making the most out of her MS, with style

Christina Applegate is hitting the town in style, bedazzled canes and all. On October 28, the "Dead to Me" star shared on Twitter a snapshot of the myriad walking sticks she will be employing in the coming days. Only revealing that she has "a very important ceremony coming up," Applegate divulged. "This will be my first time out since diagnosed with MS. Walking sticks are now part of my new normal. Thank you @neowalksticks for these beauties. Stay tuned to see which ones make the cut for a week of stuff."

After a fan suggested that activator poles are comfier for supporting those with MS, Applegate concurred, but replied that she wanted something "fancy" for these events. "My activator has stickers that say FUMS so wasn't sure if that was appropriate haha," she quipped in her trademark wit. 

In addition to activator poles and canes, people living with MS also have the option of using walking bikes like the Alinker, which Applegate's "The Sweetest Thing" costar Selma Blair swears by. Ever since Blair's fellow MS-afflicted friend, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, gifted her an Alinker bike, Applegate has gushed, per People, that the device has renewed her ability to take longer walks with less pain.